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2095, beyond the human

title:2095, beyond the human
download page:link
genre:Adventure Games
platform:Windows, Mac
release:May, 2021
last edit by:Dark


2095, Beyond the human is a new, free adventure game with a cyberpunk theme from the developers who brought you The inquisitor series

In the late 21st century, most humans have uploaded their minds entirely to the net, only interacting with the external world when they download their consciousness into syntheticc, cyborg bodies. When however a cyborg is found from which all mind and memories have been erased, the ruling authorities go into panic, since the fear of human consciousness being destroyed is one nobody can countenance. In desperation, the authorities summon the detective Axel Reeves, the formost crime solving authority in this new cybernetic world. Playing as Axel, it is your job to piece together the clues, investigate the world police or wealthy megacorporation's, find weapons to take on dangerous cyborg opponents, and piece together the mystery.

Despite being referred to as an Action game, the gameplay more closely resembles an audio adventure. Use the arrows to move between different objects, locations and fellow cyborgs, and use enter to interact. Interactions may range from violence, to inspecting an object, to launching off in Axel's trusty fly car to another location. Similarly, though you are required to find weapons and armour during the game, all fights occur automatically. That being said, with the need to wander around a dystopean, neon lit world, look for clues and delve deep into the heart of this cybernetic society, the game should please fans of noire detective stories, and cyberpunk alike.

The above link will download the windows version, the Mac version may be found here With a wonderfully atmospheric techno soundtrack, and even the use of espeak voices to enhance the cybernetic atmosphere, this is definitely one for fans of all things robotic, and likely only the start of Axel's adventures.


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