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Ludo games for android

Hi guys,I dunno where this came from, but I suddenly want to play ludo. I guess I've just been travelling too much. Thing is, I use an android phone, and I can't find accessible options for Ludo.Anyone know any such options?Thanks in advance. [read more]

April 16, 2024

Iphone or android at this point?

hello people.I have been pondering this question for a while now.I currently own an Iphone x, and I am not going to upgrade and or switch until my current phone dies.However, I do not know weather or not I should stick to the apple or if I should switch to android. I have hurd good things about both, so I wanted to ask you peoples opinion about the matter. [read more]

April 16, 2024

mist world account for sail:

we have mw accounts  for sail with good stuf, contacts for more info, pm me in forum, or  ssend emale to sky.king10005@gmail.com [read more]

April 16, 2024

Entombed status

Hi everyone. I haven't posted for about five years, but I've been around, picking up new games and quietly reading forums. But now i've got a question I haven't found the answer to by bing quiet. I've recently had to wipe my computer and reinstall all my apps. This meansI have a brand new install of intombed, which means I have to sign in. I don't remember the username I used to upgrade my entombed, but I had an account. I tried to click "Forgot pas... [read more]

April 15, 2024

Accessible invoicing software?

I'm thinking its finally time I set up an invoicing system as a musician. What do you all use? I don't imagine I'll need anything too fancy, just something to receive payments from clients. [read more]

April 15, 2024

in search of a kobra license:

Hi guys! I was thinking about Cobra, an old screen reader produced by Baum; I used Virgo, of the same company, in the early 2000s. Is there a way of purchasing or downloading the Cobra screen reader, maybe fullyfunctional? Thx for your help. I know there is NVDA nowadays but I don't understand how te personalize it using addons; I don't know how to create them. I don't find a guide or something to start with! Thx again for your help, guys! [read more]

April 15, 2024

weird accessibility tooltip and behaviour in gmail

Hi all,I've come across two things: firstly, a term I've never heard used in the way it's used whilst in standard view of Gmail and NVDA and Chrome.When in the "to" field where you add recipiants, if I write something then press left arrow to start reviewing by letter, I can't. Instead, it reads the entire thing I put, and says, "press delete to remove this chip".What on earth is a quote unquote, chip, in this instance? I've le... [read more]

April 14, 2024

Paging for Afrim and Gryff

I'm looking for Afrim and Gryff as it relates to this topic. https://forum.audiogames.net/topic/1685 … -for-nvda/I can't find a lot of these voices and I used to use nicky. could Afrim or Gryff help me with finding all those older voices please? [read more]

April 14, 2024

The DoubleTalk Quest

The very first tts voice I ever herd, and used, were the DoubleTalk voices. What is the cheapest way to go about having a device I can mess with DoubleTalk with? I saw a Braille Lite 20 on ebay for about 700, but this device is a bit to expensive, and the units my school had liked to stop working and poor out smoke. Is there a cheaper device I could get a hold of with the ability to have DoubleTalk read custom text? [read more]

April 14, 2024

i need to know somethings about online games.

Hello again.In online games, should the function that receives data from players be asynchronous in order to ensure that there is no lag?for exampledef recv_data(event): index = get_player(event.peer) peer = event. peer if event.type == simplenet.EVENT_CONNECT:  print(f"connection from {peer.address}, peer #{peer.id}") elif event.type == simplenet.EVENT_RECEIVE:  data = json.loads(event.message)  if data[0... [read more]

April 14, 2024

All videos by Northeastern Gorilla unavailable

Hi all,I mentioned this in the menu descriptions thread a few days ago, but it seems to have gone very unnoticed and I thought maybe people would notice a new thread more. Is it just me, or have all the audiodescription videos and menu guides vanished from YouTube? That would be very, very sad. It's a great resource and no other channel did this quality of audiodescription for video games before. Was there any other information on another platform? I hope everything is alright.... [read more]

April 14, 2024

how to bot in dragon ball evelution

hello.i think some of you might know this game, dragon ball evelution.a sighted player tried to help me bot it using mudlet but it's a bit complex for me, or i can't handel it because it's not very accessible.anyway, is there anyway to bot it using vipmud or even a small example of bot like moving or something like that and i can create my own because i can't understand vipmud scriptsedit, i think i mistakenly made an error about this, it's... [read more]

April 14, 2024

how do I turn on the accessibility features in UFC4?

Hi there guys, karate25 here, and I just got UFC4 for my xbox xs. What I need to know is how to turn on the accessibility functionality in the game. I've also heard that one of these UFC games has narrated menus? which one would it be? would it be UFC4 or UFC5 that has them? let me know and if need be I'll swap them out. I also tried giving pga tour a try and for me, that was an absolute joke, even after trying to read the guide, so I uninstalled it. I couldn't figure out ho... [read more]

April 14, 2024

The air fryers are cheaper conspiracy theory

I was under the impression air fryers and other electric cookers, such as ninja grills etc, are way cheaper than gas cookers. Now I can measure exactly how much these things cost, turns out it's far from true. And a quick look on the web suggests manufacturers and magazine style media are using some misleading language to perpetuate this myth. The main trick is framing the question are air fryers cheaper than ovens. What they almost always mean is electric ovens. When gas is mentioned... [read more]

April 14, 2024

help with entombed

So when I swich my screen reader to something else, the games crash's every time I open it. It plays the entro and then exits when at the [read more]

April 14, 2024

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Below you find the legacy news that was published on the old AudioGames.net site.

Audio Game Maker Delayed Untill Further Notice: Audio Game Maker Delayed Untill Further Notice (January 31, 2007)
Audio Game Maker possibly delayed?: Due to a large fire, the beta of Audio Game Maker could be delayed... (January 25, 2007)
Blind Mans Bluff, Star Trek Final Conflict, Monty trailer, Torrent: (December 9, 2006)
Holiday Game Sales: Holiday Game Sales (November 26, 2006)
Judgment Day Release Information: Judgement Day, game for blind, to be released in December 2006 (November 17, 2006)
Lack Of News: Lack of News - But Checkout http://www.audiogamemaker.com (November 15, 2006)
Forum Whooha: Today the 300th forum user joined! (October 25, 2006)
BG Boggle 1.0: Boggle For The Blind (October 4, 2006)
Tiflo 21: Tiflo 21, BlackJack For The Blind (September 16, 2006)
Audio Game Maker: game building environment for the blind: The Bartiméus Accessibility foundation has announced the development of Audio Game Maker, an application which enables visually impaired people to make their own computer games. (September 11, 2006)
Accessible Hangman Flash Games?: Accessible Hangman Flash Games? (August 30, 2006)
Moosic Update: Update on Moosic - a blind accessible computer platform game (August 30, 2006)
Review of Sound Voyager: Hands On Review of Sound Voyager (August 12, 2006)
Update on Nintendo Audio Games!: We have updated the information concerning the Sound Voyager audio games developed by Nintendo! (August 6, 2006)
Moosic - open source accessible platform game: Moosic is an open source platform game which is accessible for visually impaired gamers (August 5, 2006)
Nintendo Develops Games For The Blind!: Nintendo has developed seven mini audio games (August 5, 2006)
16 free experimental Audio Games!: 16 free experimental audio game prototypes in the playcenter... (August 4, 2006)
Audio reviews and Broken Links: More updates on accessible games for the blind website! (July 30, 2006)
Games Games Games: More News About Games For The Blind, Accessible Games and Game Accessibility! (July 29, 2006)
DonationCoder.com Accessible Games Programming Contest: DonationCoder.com Accessible Games Programming Contest (July 18, 2006)
Descent into Madness: Students of North Carolina develop a new computer game for the blind: Descent into Madness (June 21, 2006)
MonstersGame: MonstersGame - a browser based game that is accessible for visually impaired players too! (June 6, 2006)
Judgement Day: New accessible game for the blind: Judgement Day (June 4, 2006)
Lords of the Galaxy and Superdogs Bone Hunt: Two new accessible computer games for the blind - Lords of the Galaxy and Superdogs Bone Hunt (June 3, 2006)
Audio Review Section and Game Accessibility website!: New section on audio game review podcasts and a new website on game accessibility! (May 1, 2006)
In The Pit: In The Pit - Experimental game uses only sound! (April 16, 2006)
G-Spot: G-Spot (April 13, 2006)
Database Fix: We fixed the database (March 30, 2006)
BreakOut for the Blind - Wrecking Ball: Break Out for the Blind - Wrecking Ball (March 14, 2006)
Light Locator: Light Locator (March 12, 2006)
Rail Racer Trailer and GDC: Rail Racer Trailer and GDC (March 12, 2006)
Quick Game Building Article: uick Game Building Article (March 5, 2006)
USA Games acquires Alchemy Games: USA Games acquires Alchemy Games (March 2, 2006)
Montezuma Cheat, Rail Racer, Goalball One on One and article: Montezuma Cheat, Rail Racer, Goalball One on One and article (March 2, 2006)
AudioGames seeks gamers confessions...: If you want game developers to take you *SERIOUS*, write down your gaming experiences and wishes and we will present them to the game developers at the conference! (February 21, 2006)
AudioGames.net (re)launches accessible Sudoku for the blind: AudioGames.net (re)launches accessible Sudoku for the blind (February 13, 2006)
Draconis Entertainment releases Soundoku!: Draconis Entertainment releases Soundoku! (February 10, 2006)
Top Speed 2 Mods: Top Speed 2 Mods (February 9, 2006)
AudioGames.net back online after spam-attack: AudioGames.net back online after spam-attack (February 8, 2006)
AudioGames.net launches blind-accessible Sudoku!: AudioGames.net launches blind-accessible Sudoku! (February 2, 2006)
TopSpeed 2 Released!: TopSpeed 2 Released! (January 30, 2006)
Montezuma's Revenge Demo: Montezuma's Revenge Demo (January 27, 2006)
Moved forum!: We moved the forum to the audiogames.net server! (January 26, 2006)
Submit game is down: The submit a game function is temporary down. (January 25, 2006)
Happy New Year: Happy New Year (January 20, 2006)
Forum update: Today we updated the forum.... (January 13, 2006)
World Aids Day: World Aids Day (December 2, 2005)
Dynaman Grid Creator: Dynaman Grid Creator (December 1, 2005)
Drive and Samsung: Drive download online again and Samsung into Game Accessibility (November 30, 2005)
Shades of Doom 1.2: Shades of Doom 1.2 (November 27, 2005)
LWorks Arcade Volume 1: LWorks Arcade Volume 1 (November 27, 2005)
Draconis Entertainment and Space Invaders for the Blind: Draconis Entertainment and Space Invaders for the Blind (November 26, 2005)
New Section: AudioGames.net PlayCenter!: New Section: AudioGames.net PlayCenter! (November 15, 2005)
Treasure Hunt MOD: Treasure Hunt MOD (November 15, 2005)
Pong - Das Hörspiel: "Blind Pong For The Sighted" (November 14, 2005)
Enemy Attack version 2: Enemy Attack version 2 (November 5, 2005)
More Draconis Entertainment news: More Draconis Entertainment news (November 2, 2005)
Introducing Draconis Entertainment: Introducing Draconis Entertainment (November 2, 2005)
Shades of Doom 1.20 Guide: Shades of Doom 1.20 Guide (October 31, 2005)
: (October 22, 2005)
Shades of Doom Public Beta 1.2: Shades of Doom Public Beta 1.2 (October 17, 2005)
Goalball One on One: Goalball One on One (October 15, 2005)
Tic Tac Toe and Toodle Tiles: Tic Tac Toe and Toodle Tiles (October 6, 2005)
Star Wars Jedi Strike, Pipe Contest and Troopanum: Star Wars Jedi Strike, Pipe Contest and Troopanum (September 30, 2005)
LoneWolf Mission 14 Audio Walkthrough: LoneWolf Mission 14 Audio Walkthrough (September 25, 2005)
New Article on Accessible Gaming: New Article on Accessible Gaming (September 20, 2005)
Mudsplat and Lone Wolf Audio Walkthrough: Mudsplat and Lone Wolf Audio Walkthrough (August 31, 2005)
Harry Potter board for Winpoly: Harry Potter board for Winpoly (August 15, 2005)
Sonic Mine Detonator MOD: Phil Vlasak created the Sonic Mine Detonator MOD for Sonic Zoom (August 13, 2005)
The Last Crusade, RPG Engine and Interactive Fiction Archive: The Last Crusade, RPG Engine and Interactive Fiction Archive (August 12, 2005)
Sonic Zoom: Sonic Zoom (August 10, 2005)
Beat The Bots Cheat: Beat The Bots Cheat (August 10, 2005)
Fixing Links: Fixing Links (August 10, 2005)
Blind-Puzzlers List, Händler und Halunken and OGame: Blind-Puzzlers List, Händler und Halunken and OGame (August 10, 2005)
New Audio Game Mods: New Audio Game Mods (July 24, 2005)
Mod Problems: Problems with receiving mods! (July 17, 2005)
Barrierefreie Spiele: This German languaged article is about game accessibility and audio games. (July 16, 2005)
Submit your MODS: Submit your MODS (July 10, 2005)
Game Accessibility Article: Kevin Bierre, member of the Game Accessibility Special Interest group, has published an article about game accessibility on GamaSutra.com (July 7, 2005)
Closing of XLStudiosSI: Closing of XLStudiosSI (July 6, 2005)
EPX and Resources!: Adora Entertainment has released a follow-up to first pinball game for the blind called ESP Pinball Xtreme (EPX)! (July 5, 2005)
Live8: Live8 (July 2, 2005)
All In Play Poker Party!: This Friday (the 24th) All In Play is holding the biggest accessible online poker tournament ever. (June 22, 2005)
Research? Contact Us!: Research? Contact Us! (June 22, 2005)
Another DIGRA paper!: We have added another DIGRA paper to our Articles section! (June 21, 2005)
DIGRA papers in the Articles section!: We have added two papers concerning audio games and game accessibility to our Articles section! (June 21, 2005)
Super football!: Super football, a new audio game by VIP Gameszone! (June 21, 2005)
BBBeat, Duckblaster 1.1, Super Deekout and more!: BBBeat, Duckblaster 1.1, Super Deekout and more! (June 21, 2005)
RSS: We updated the RSS-feed! (June 17, 2005)
Dutch Article on Game Accessibility: Dutch Article on Game Accessibility (June 17, 2005)
Game List Updated: Game List Updated (June 17, 2005)
Enemy Attack: Enemy Attack (June 16, 2005)
Audiotrailer for PBX: Audiotrailer for PBX (June 13, 2005)
Shades Of Doom Guide: Shades Of Doom Guide (June 13, 2005)
Audyssey Magazine and Michael Feir: Audyssey Magazine and Michael Feir (June 13, 2005)
Shooting Hoops...: Shooting Hoops... (June 7, 2005)
New Server: New Server (April 2, 2005)
Code Factory games added: Code Factory games added (March 28, 2005)
Mueckenjagd: Mueckenjagd (March 22, 2005)
Mississippi: Mississippi (March 22, 2005)
Audyssey Magazine Issues: Audyssey Magazine Issues (March 21, 2005)
Four Articles on Game Audio Design: Four Articles on Game Audio Design (March 20, 2005)
Braille Twister: Braille Twister (March 20, 2005)
DIGRA 2005 International Conference: DIGRA 2005 International Conference (March 15, 2005)
Computer games can make you go blind!: Computer games can make you go blind! (March 14, 2005)
The Blind Fragging The Blind: The Blind Fragging The Blind (March 14, 2005)
Forum Changes: Forum Changes (March 11, 2005)
Star Trek Final Conflict Alfa 4: Star Trek Final Conflict Alfa 4 (March 10, 2005)
LoneWolf Soundpacks: LoneWolf Soundpacks (March 10, 2005)
Chillingham at Game On and ifbyphone: Chillingham at Game On and ifbyphone (March 10, 2005)
Termite Torpedo: Termite Torpedo (March 10, 2005)
Kitchen's Inc and PopCap: Kitchen's Inc and PopCap (March 10, 2005)
Boston Globe Article: Boston Globe Article (March 8, 2005)
Problem with Forum Login: Problem with Forum Login (March 7, 2005)
Submit A Game: Submit A Game (March 6, 2005)
New AudioGames.net website beta-version: New AudioGames.net website beta-version (March 3, 2005)

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