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3D Snake

title:3D Snake
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
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3D Snake is an upgrade of PB-Games' earlier game Snake. 3D Snake is based on the traditional Snake video game. You move the snake around in a 30 x 30 grid world with your arrow keys. Your objective is to collect as many fruits as possible but avoid running into the walls. The walls are represented by a wind sound, though despite the sound apparently they are walls not a chasm in which you fall to your doom.

If you collide with a wall just once the game is over. Fruits will appear at random times, at random positions. The fruits are represented by a "bing bing bing"-sound that continues to loop until you catch the fruit. You catch a fruit by moving into it's position. Where in the graphical versions of the snake game, the snake gets longer so you need to track where the different segments move in order to not run into yourself, in the Pb games 3D snake, the speed increases instead (obviously those fruits contain a lot of caffein). How long can you survive?

Though Pb games isn't around anymore and their games are abandonware, you can still download and play 3D snake thanks to the great audiogames archive site for hosting. Also, Philip Bennefall of Pb games went on to found Blastbay studios and is definitely still developing now.


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