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developer:Molly O’Hara & the 4Dimensions staff
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In 2079, the last day of world war three caused a major change in the fundamental fabric of reality. Where previously time bending black holes were only found in space, now they started to appear all over the world, strange rifts in time that could transport people through history with a single step. Of course, the tourist industry was very quick to take advantage of this phenomenon, and those using the services of Molly & Peace inc can choose to explore several different time periods, stepping through the time portals to find what is on the other side.

Of course, history not being exactly a safe place, death from violence or indeed sudden death trap is not infrequent, though thanks to the new time rifts, it's always possible to resurrect a person from the time before they died and even retrieve their corpse and belongings (so long as they haven't done something really stupid like flying a spaceship into a sun).

In game terms therefore, 4 dimensions is a very diverse role playing game in which players journey out from recall to four vast worlds, each with their own unique ethos and style. Prehistoric accessed through the excavation camp ranges from the early Neanderthal era, right through the ancient world of Greece and Egypt, a world when gods and fabulous beasts walked the earth. Medieval centred around the town of Old York is the time of knights and heroes, also however the time of dragons, magic and sorcery, where visiting time travellers are free to interact with historical personalities from King Arthur to Robin hood.

Old west is the American frontier in the time of pioneers and six guns , so don't be surprised to run in to billy the kid as you explore Dodge city, while future dimension takes things to a far distant future time when commerce between the stars is frequent and humanity has explored sectors from alpha centaury to the mysterious cosmo canyon.

In addition, even stranger worlds and more diverse destinations in time might be found if a person steps into the right rift (though those will take some exploring to locate).

While 4 dimensions does have a combat system (including detailed range combat), and classes such as ranger, hunter and gypsy , as well as the more well known warrior, thief, priest and mage, and races for your character which range from Martian and Space wolf to Elf and centaur, the amount you can advance by pure hack n slash alone is severely limited. As you will find when you go through the extensive and detailed new player school and quest academy, the main thrust of the game and the way you advance and earn equipment is by doing quests and completing puzzles. Using the Qlist command or consulting the quest card machine, you will find over a hundred different quests waiting to challenge you. Most of these quests take a rather more in depth approach than with most mud games, including the need to not just look at objects, but also look in or behind objects, look in different directions, search for hidden exits, and listen or even smell to get directions. These puzzles can be complex, but are usually fair with clues in the descriptions of the room provided people look at all the available details. In particular, take note of the new player information and the recommended zones when you've finished newbie school.

As well as the detailed quest system, another thing which distinguishes 4 dimensions is crafting. Different zones across different time periods let you participate in a wide range of professions from skinning and hunting to farming, vegetable gardening, cooking, running your own ranch, weaving, spinning and tailoring, and even sale making, mining or panning for gold. You can also take time shopping around at different trading posts, trying to find out the best price, and since the trade points you will receive for successful trading or farming can be converted into experience it's just as good a way to advance your character as by combat. What is unique in these crafts is that most also involve exploring and questing. To become a cook for example, you need to first convince an experienced chef in medieval times that you are worthy to become her apprentice, which involves finding ingredients from many different places, and to learn the not so delicate art of being a lumberjack, you will need to find an experienced person to teach you.

With more crafts in the work from dying cloth to carpentry, 4dimensions is certainly a game for anyone who wants a way of playing that doesn't involve the usual repeated monster murder.

The game has received some quite detailed adaptations to make life easier for screen readers. These include a toggle for a "graphics" mode which removes a lot of ascii and changes display of tiers for monsters (that usually illustrate their power), to a textual rather than coloured description. There is also a very helpful textual map command which provides a detailed look at surrounding areas (in particular make use of this when flying a spaceship), as well as abilities to heavily customize the game prompt (both in and out of battle), and adapt the display of a player's score or other player's titles. It's also recommended that players go to the 4d travel agency south of recall and buy the various tourist maps there. These are maps that provide a large textual overview of most of the main zones in the different dimensions, from the outer space grid to the rolling planes of the old west, and are a great way to know what zone is where.

Despite the focus on quests, you will also find that your abilities as a character continually improve making you more likely to survive the combat in harder areas, in particular once you reach level 50 in one class (which you probably will do if you finish all the tasks in the newbie zone), you can then choose to specialize that class by advancing again learning higher level skills in the process, or change to a different class while keeping your old skills. Of course, you can advance through all the classes and earn extensive bonuses.

Another key fact about 4dimensions, is that the game is not only %100 free to play, but also there is absolutely no donator currency or similar, so don't expect to be able to buy your way to success in this one.

Note that since this is a mud, you will need a mud client such as Vipmud, or Mushclient to play. Just point whichever client you prefer to 4dimensions.org port 6000 to connect.

For more on 4 dimensions including reviews, information and the chance to vote on the game you can Visit the 4 dimensions page on the Mud connector site

With some of the most detailed and colourful writing you will find, a friendly atmosphere among other players and a very large and unique world to explore,4dimensions is definitely recommended, especially to fans of the less violent aspects of mudding and those who love exploring far and distant places.


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