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4x4 archipelago

title:4x4 archipelago
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
platform:Web browser
release:October, 2021
last edit by:Dark


As you might imagine 4x4 archipelago, is the bigger, badder and more fantastical sequel to 4x4 galaxy. Despite trading in a spaceship for a more humble sailing vessel, and alien monsters for fantastic beasts, this randomly generating set of exotic islands actually offer an even greater chance for adventure and epic quests than it's more futuristic counterpart.

To beginn the game will generate a character and objective to play. Take on the islands as one of a number of rolls from barbarian or battle mage to merchant or mercinary, each with their own unique skills, history and equipment. Then, take on one of three different over arching goals for your quest, restoring the balance of ancient magic, rescuing the relics of a fallen kingdom, or going full treasure island as you piece together a map from four legendary pirate captains to lead you to a fabled hoard.

As with the planets of 4x4 galaxy, you can sail between a large number of randomly generated islands in your search for adventure. With an even wider array of possible quests, activities and actions, the game has a massive amount of ways to progress, from mining silver, to battling dangerous monsters, performing quests or gathering tales from old sailors. Similarly, many of the islands contain a number of quests to do, all found at random, from restoring an ancient curse, to helping a mermaid learn stories of the land.

Though combat is difficult at the start, especially for characters who don't start out skilled in brawn, a number of options are available to make fights more strategic, from items to use, power attacks, and of course the valuable skill known as running away. Later on however, more combat options become open depending upon a characters' use of their skills, including taming wild beasts, or recruiting a healer, or of course learning defensive spells, and with weapon upgrades, including legendary weapons, as well as a variety of potions and different effects to play with, the dedicated explorer will always find ways to triumph over their foes.

The game also resembles 4x4 galaxy in being very screen reader friendly, being composed of standard html pages with many links, though bare in mind choosing islands on the map sometimes involves some oddly labelled images if your using google's description options.

The game was submitted to the anual interactive fiction competition for 2021, and so has This page on the if wiki

Happy exploring.


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