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4x4 galaxy

title:4x4 galaxy
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
platform:Web browser
release:April, 2020
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


If you've ever fancied taking on an epic quest as you explore a diverse and teaming galaxy, 4x4 galaxy might be the game for you. As you begin you will be given both a character and an over all goal. You might be a rugged barbarian, a light speed pilot, or a silver-tongued trader. You might find yourself looking for an ancient artefact, trying to bring down an evil overlord, or rescue a friend from slavery. Whatever your goal however, the way you achieve it can be explained in one word "explore", flying between different planets on your galaxy map there is no knowing what you might find. Mines rich in star crystals? Dangerous alien beasts? A howling wilderness to explore, or a wretched hive of scum and villainy where any illegal goods or questionable services might be up for the right price. Of course there are also those around the galaxy with jobs that need doing, everything from delivering letters, to giving an aspiring author an exciting experience.

What is particularly unique about 4x4 galaxy, is the shear amount of random generation in the game, from the character you play, to the goal you get, to what planets, ships and enemies you encounter, no two games will be exactly the same. Furthermore, with different skills to be used in different situations, EG talking your way out of fights, high ring mercenaries to fight for you, or of course waiting until you've built up the cash to invest in higher tech weapons before taking on some of the hahrder challenges, there are always different solutions to every conflict.

Playing the game itself couldn't be easier. Though it is a single player game which needs to be downloaded (use the first download page on the above link for the screen reader friendly version), the game itself plays in a standard browser window, and needs nothing more complex to play than just clicking the links, for example, to fly around with your ship, just click a destination on the galaxy map, taking note of whether the voyage to that planet is listed as "easy", "medium" or "hard", while choosing actions such as whether to fight, run, bribe or negotiate your way out of combat should you find yourself looking down the gun barrels of a pirate cruiser.

Though the game does save automatically, and have a rather brutal death mechanic, with your character having just one life, correct choices and a little luck will be more than enough to finish your quest, and with several different quests to do, not to mention a hole galaxy which changes every time, this is one galaxy it's quite easy to get lost in.

Submitted to the "spring thing", 2020 If competition, you can read several reviews of 4x4 galaxy Here on the competition homepage

Happy exploring, and beware of alien monsters.


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