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6 Swords

title:6 Swords
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
platform:Amazon Alexa, Google assistant
release:May 2017
last edit by:Dark


6 Swords is a classic rpg game available for several voice assistant platforms including amazon Alexa and Google assistant. Take control of a mercenary party of six randomly generated heroes, and wander across planes, forests and mountains, slaying monsters, gaining experience and earning gold. As the game is played on the Amazon Alexa or other voice assistant platforms, the process of play is very easy, just speak your commands, such as "who" to discover who is in your party, "inventory" to find out what one of your characters is carrying, and "activate" to make another person your active companion.

Combat is also easy, just say "fight" to engage in a round of battle when you come upon some monsters, and run way should your party get into too much trouble.

As well as fighting and levelling up your characters, you will also find outposts with bounty missions posted, should you clear out the right monsters, and temples to the gods where you might gain some extra boosts if your lucky. In later parts of the game, refurbish your own castle and more.

The game is entirely free to play in the 6 swords light, or 6 swords kids versions, which can be activated from the Alexa skill store, however for those in North America, there is a premium area available which requires a subscription to enter.

Happy slaying.


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