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A Blind Legend

title:A Blind Legend
download page:No link!
genre:First person adventure
platform:iOS, Android, Steam
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A blind legend is is a collaborative project between the do we know game studio, and a radio france radio station. The objective was to produce not just a high quality action/adventure audiogame for blind gamers, but also raise awareness of audiogames generally, and give sighted players the chance to play as a blind protagonist.

Times have been hard in the kingdom of High castle. The King of Thork rules the land with a heavy hand, whilst monsters and dangerous beasts stalk the wild. The heroic knight Edward Blake however cares nothing for the kingdom, it was after all fighting for Thork which cost him his eyes. Living peacefully in a village with his wife Caroline and young daughter Louise, he wants nothing more than a quiet retirement and the chance to be a father. This changes however when Thork's soldiers arrive, massacre the village's inhabitants and take Caroline prisoner, forcing Edward to take up his sword once again.

With Louise by his side Edward must journey through dangerous wilderness, battling vicious creatures from trolls to undead, with Thork's guards close behind, eventually to confront the king, and his own past. A blind legend has no graphics at all, thus everything from fighting to navigation must be done by sound, following Louise's footsteps, or listening out for danger. In combat too, Edward must rely on the swing of his enemies blows to decide when to attack, when to put up his shield, and when to parry, and remember that Edward's lives are limited.

What particularly shines in A blind legend, is the high quality voice acting, detailed environments and epic story, indeed everything from poor peasant villages, to mysterious woods or the crashing of the sea has a rich and textured audio landscape. Even the enemies Edward confronts have a range of taunts and battlecries available so that combat always feels sufficiently epic.

The games' controls too are extremely simple, just use either the arrows or swipes to control edward's movements, and the control or a tap to get out his sword. Combat is as simple as correctly hitting an arrow in the right direction. this indeed, combined with the extremely rich audio landscape, is another reason A blind legend makes a perfect introduction to audiogames for sighted gamers, or anyone knew to playing games by sound.

The game has no demo and costs just £5 to buy, either on the Ios or Google ap stores, or, for those who prefer a pc version, Here on Steam, (provided people can deal with the irritations of the steam client).

Though the game does not have a demo, since it has received such a high profile release and gathered so much attention, innumerable resources and demonstrations of gameplay can be found online, both on the above website, and on Youtube, such as This playthrough by forum member Muhammad Hajjar , or This one by Chris Wright , or this review of the game

Happy slaying.


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