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A hero's Call

title:A hero's Call
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Out of sight games
release:December 2017
features:text, sound
last edit by:Pitermach


Following five years of extensive development, a kickstarter campaign and a huge amount of anticipation, it's finally here! A hero's call represents a major landmark event in audiogames and a style of rpg we've not seen before.

Journey to the city of Farhaven, a town under attack from a ruthless enemy. help the citizens by pursuing the main quest, or explore and see what other tasks you can find, since you will not be alone, four allies will join you in your mission, each with their own history, backstory and even their own options for quests.

The game alternates between a full first person adventure style interface, and turn based battles. Journey around the world using sound beacons, your mouse and keyboard and a detailed movement system to interact with npcs and objects around you. When trouble comes calling however, you will engage in fully turn based rpg style battles, choosing skills and weaponry from an extensive range of options, but hearing everything in gorgeous surround sound.

Choose to play in several classes such as warrior, ranger, priest, mage, thief or necromancer, each with their own skills and abilities, as well as customisable items to match. Use these skills along with the powers of your various friends and allies to forge your way to victory and answer a hero's call.

As well as a huge amount of content, dozens of different quests, 40 npcs to meet and interact with and a massive world to explore, A hero's call is also notable for it's audio. Sapi or screen reader output is used for mundane options such as item management, however all of the games' npcs (including your allies), are fully voice acted, giving a positively cinematic experience. A future release of the game is also planned to feature 3D graphics and be available on platforms such as Steam, making the game equally accessible to everyone.

The game costs 19 USD, and can be purchased from the above page. There is no demo available, but you can listen to a number of audio trailers on the Out Of Sight games website which should give you a good idea of what A hero's call is like.

If you've always wanted to play titles like Baldur's gate, or knights of the old republic, here is your chance!

Aditional resources

The game has generated a rather huge amount of interest which has resulted in several reviews and discussions. For example there is This audio review from Forum member shot gun shell originally produced for the radio program main menu (note that the file sharing service used requires you to hit the "open" button on the file to play or download it). There is also This text review from forum member Lord Lundin, This textual review by Skylord and This guide on how to remap controls by forum member Ironcross, all posted in our articles. room.

Happy gaming.


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