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A pinch in Saint Petersburg

title:A pinch in Saint Petersburg
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genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Malinch Entertainment
last edit by:Dark


With Malinche stopping sale of all their Interactive fiction games in 2014, and vanishing from the internet soon after, this game, like their other commercial If is no longer available.

This is another massive interactive fiction title from Malinch entertainment, this time giving you the chance to step into the pages of a suspense drama in a fabulus location.

In the game you play the part of an everyday man who is involved in a serious tragedy. On a dream holiday in the historical russian city of St petersburg (formally Leningrad), outside the famous art museum your wife and daughter are dragged into a car at gunpoint and snatched off. As is always the way, a mysterious fellow in a fine sute says he'll explain everything in a nearby cafe, --- however being interactive fiction what you actually do is very much your choice, though bare in mind some choices might lead to your family's death.

What risks you take, what information you find out, and where the story ends all depend upon your detective skills and puzle solving ability, as your stuck alone, in the streets of a city where nobody speaks your language trying to find clues to this awful mystery.


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