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A western drama

title:A western drama
download page:No link!
genre:First person adventure
platform:Windows, Mac
release:December 2019
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A western drama is an audio action/adventure game by Italian developer Tribit studios, distributed through The tikon blue web store.

Journey back to America of the eighteen hundreds where isolated communities struggled to survive the harsh frontier, and where the point of a gun was often the only justice.

In the game, take on the roll of young bounty hunter Wade, who has been raised by his gruff father Drake Farr to be one of the deadliest bounty hunters in the region. Follow Wade and Drake as they journey between contracts, taking on the most dangerous men and women this side of the boarder. Yet, is there more to life than simply being a gun for higher, and what happens when the contract for money, and the needs of justice conflict.

The game alternates between audio story segments, similar to what you'd find in an audio drama, and various action sequences. Some involve first person movement, using the arrows to face a guide and then walking onwards, often with death waiting at every step.

Some portions involve epic western style chases, pumping music at hand, where you must follow directions with the arrows as you ride across the plane or chase down a running crook. Some sequences involve the type of audio fast action combat familiar in many audiogames, in which you hear an enemy ahead, centre, or right, and need to either swing your fists, or shoot your gun in the right direction at the right time. Two particular highlights of the game include multi gun battles, in which you must use the down arrow to duck, then pop up up when there's a break in the storm of flying bullets to unload on your foes, and the one on one quick draw duels, where you must repeat patterns of maraca beats, Simon style, to raise your concentration, then finish with drawing your gun and firing on the beat of a drumb.

Though some mechanics, such as the need to aim your gun with the arrows before hitting space remain the same in the different challenges of the game, one highly unique aspect, is you don't know precisely where the story will take you, or what sequence is coming next, indeed though some challenges repeat in style, the large use of sounds and changes in situations mean that say taking down a no good varmint with your fists feels different to blazing away in a fast mounted chase, even if what your doing is mechanically the same.

The game costs 17 euroes (, and a demo is available on request, allowing you to play through some of the first chapter of Wade's adventure, as a 12 year old Wade learns to shoot and ride, and even takes down his first bounty.

Aditional resources

There is a German version of the game available here, and for those who love the rootin tootin music, you can Get the original soundtrack to the game here

For a further taste of the game before buying, you can Listen to this trailer, or check out This gameplay video

With a varied sound track, a large variety of atmospheric acting, and a story which offers a harsher take on the old west than has been seen previously in audiogames, for people looking for a rollicking adventure with easy going , fast action and a gritty story, the game is highly worth a try.


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