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Accessible Domino Game

title:Accessible Domino Game
url:No link!
download page:link
genre:Traditional games
developer:Fabián Arias
last edit by:pitermach


Accessible Domino is, as its name suggests, a fully accessible rendition of the traditional game of Dominos. You can select from a few different types of tiles. If the traditional numbers aren't your thing you can play with tiles featuring animals or vehicles instead. You then play against your phone, placing tiles that match each other on the table, until one of you empties their hand and is declared the winner. If you don't have any tile that matches, you need to take one from the pile and pass your turn to the opponent. The game is fully self-voicing and extremely easy to control, only requiring just swiping as well as tapping the screen to play.


As with all of Fabian's games, there is both a free and donation version. There aren't any functional differences between them, but the developer encourages purchasing the donation version to aid future game development.

The game is also available in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.


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