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Accessible Fun for the Blind

title:Accessible Fun for the Blind
url:No link!
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developer:Fabián Arias
last edit by:pitermach


Accessible Fun is a combination of 4 self-voicing games.


  • The seeker - where you must pop balloons and squish flies by dragging your finger and following the vibrations and sounds of your phone, with an increasing number of distractions as you complete levels
  • Inside the storm where you need to rescue your pets from the street while avoiding the raindrops, also by following the sounds and vibrations of your phone.
  • Jungle adventure - you are lost in the jungle. You must first find the key and then escape through the door it opens, while navigating around natural obstacles like rivers and mountains and avoiding wild animals that are trying to kill you. This is a maze game, in which you can swipe in the 4 compass directions to walk around. After taking a step you are told what's around you so that you can plan your next move.
  • Memory - the classic game of Simon. Repeat increasingly longer sequences of sounds by swiping up, down, left and right.


As with all of Fabian's games, there is both a free and donation version. There aren't any functional differences between them, but the developer encourages purchasing the donation version to aid future game development.

This game is also available in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese


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