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Accessible Hangman

title:Accessible Hangman
download page:No link!
genre:Word Games
developer:Oriol gaming zone
release:September, 2020
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Following up on the release of his first Ios title, the tile Puzzle game Accessible 2048, Oriol now adapts the classic word game for play on the go on your Ipad or Iphone.

The rules to hangman are of course familiar to everyone, guess successive letters to uncover the word, too many wrong guesses and you lose. Though Oriol's version does not feature the eponymous gallows, it does offer a unique twist on the classic formula by introducing lives and levels.

Start out with 20 lives, every wrong guess of a letter you lose one, however extra lives can be earned for completing words, making this a game of endurance as well as vocabulary. Start out at level 1 by solving four letter words, however the numbers of letters increase as you solve more words, rise your score and go up in level, combine this with the need to manage your ever fluctuating number of lives, and you'll be on to quite the challenge.

Being designed very much with voiceover in mind from the beginning, accessibility couldn't be simpler. Double tap to have the word spelled (unknown letters and all), and use the standard Ios keyboard to input your guess, indeed, the game would be a pretty nice one for those new to an Iphone to practice gestures

At a price of just 3 dollars, pounds or other currency, With fun and funny sound effects, a relaxed atmosphere, the chance to play in English or Spanish, and some fiendishly cunning word choices just intended to trip you up, this is proof that an old classic done well can sometimes stand the test of time.

Aditional resources

Though there is no demo available to try before you buy, Oriol has recorded This demonstration of the game on Youtube which should give you an idea of how things work. Also, as with all Ios titles, you can Go here for the game's page on Applevis

Happy Hanging.


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