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Accessible Reign for the Blind

title:Accessible Reign for the Blind
url:No link!
download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Fabián Arias
last edit by:pitermach


The download link from the google play store lists a not found error, so at the moment the status of this game is uncertain.

Accessible Reign is a game of managing numbers. You are the king of a newly created kingdom. As such, your job is to make the tough decisions that will help your kingdom grow. You will need to decide how much land to buy, sell and cultivate to keep everyone fed. More people will choose to move to your kingdom if they see it prospering, and you need the help of your inhabitants to cultivate more land. You will also sometimes find yourself at war with another kingdom. If this happens you will need to decide how many men to send into battle. If they win, you will get some slaves that you can either sell for more money or put to work.

Your ultimate goal is to make $200000, or remain on the throan for 80 years. This is harder than it sounds due to the looming guillotine over your head. If you make the wrong decisions, your people won't hesitate to use it, making you lose not just the crown, but also your head!

As with all of Fabian's games, there is both a free and donation version. There aren't any functional differences between them, but the developer encourages purchasing the donation version to aid future game development.


This game is also available in Portuguese and Spanish.


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