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download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:X site interactive
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Acefire is a symple turn based action game from X site interactive. Having a gun with ten bullits, a bullwhip, the ability to heal, power up a superweapon or throw bombs which you can occasionally collect, you use the numbers on the keyboard to decide the action for your turn.

Despite symple gameplay the game has many features to keep things interesting such as the ability to insult your opponent, some really unique damage descriptions (especially when fighting against the computer), the ability to record your own insult files and use a first name and surname so that you can be referd to throughout the game as well as some very nice sfx and music pluss unlockable cheats.

Another feature which adds to the game is the ability to play online against another human opponent who you can communicate with via text messages throughout the course of the game.

Though X site interactive are no longer around, the game is still available thanks to the very awesome Audiogames archive site.


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