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Adventure at C

title:Adventure at C
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
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Adventure at C is not actually (despite it's name), a game about pirates, or at least not the traditionally nautical variety. Indeed, the C, of the title is more properly C:\, the name of the core hard rive that Windows users will know is the repository of all the basic files and data on a pc. Unfortunately, the game begins with a young programmer unexpectedly discovering that his C drive has become the host of a malicious colony of viruses, lead by the sarcastic RS virus. Fortunately, for the sake of his applications (and for creating the game), the programmer chooses a rather novel antivirus system, to digitise himself as a program and take on the viruses one on one.

Adventure at C therefore takes the form of a side scrolling action adventure game, in which you walk left to right (or right to left with threats, obstacles or other objects appearing in the stereo field. As with games such as Superliam, you will need to jump some obstacles, and use your weapons (a knife and a laser), to dispose of others. All of this is explained in detail in the games' first tutorial level.

Perhaps however the most unique thing about Adventure at C, despite rather challenging and deceptively detailed gameplay, is the use of rpg like mechanics, stats, and challenges within the game, which can often result in earning achievements. Every virus you kill will drop some bits, which can be used in the shop to buy upgrades. Extra bits can be earned by completing various challenges, since while you make your way through the corrupted sectors of your computer, you'll find some friendly programs needing you to perform tasks, and often these can result in earning bits. Indeed, the game has far more to offer than anyone who uses the phrase "simple side scroller" might suspect, all backed up with a rich 8bit style ambience which distinctly emphasises the atmosphere of the game.

if all that weren't enough, Adventure at C also has the ability to create custom stages with an in built builder, just check the readme for details, meaning there is potentially an unlimited amount of play to the game.

In Many ways, adventure at C could be thought of as the next step in audio side scrollers, and is thus highly worth playing, though make sure you have some time, since removing viruses from your computer has never been so fun or so adictive.


Various stages for the game have been built over time by a lot of users, but one particularly stands out. Remnant, by Forum member 3blacknoises serves as a sequel to the original game. The remnant's of RS's code are combining together to form something worse, and have got into your classic nintendo Roms. Take on levels from Zelda, Metroid and Mario brothers as you battle more viruses and fiendishly difficult bosses across twelve huge interconnected levels. The game also contains original high quality music and full scale voice acting, and just like the original Adventure at C: is absolutely free. Just Download the game here from the audiogames archive.

Additional stages for the game

A huge pack of yet more adventure at C: stages created y various users can be Downloaded here

For more information about Vg storm check The audiogames archive site Where

Happy bug hunting.


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