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Adventure to fate 3 Quest to the future

title:Adventure to fate 3 Quest to the future
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
release:March 2016
features:text, sound, visuals
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Quest to the future is the long anticipated sequel to the very popular Battle arena One of the most complex and involved accessible battle rpgs (the developer calls it a J rpg after the style of many japanese games), for Ios. .

A ruthless hoard has layed waste to the world, and the only answer is to travel to the future and battle them on their own ground, although even making it to the time portal takes quite a treck through sewers, cripts and dark dungeons, then onwards into the past and future to defeat your foes across time itself all the way finding and building stronger weapons and armor and perfecting powerful magic. Fortunately,you do start out with a pet creature along the way to help you, and will gain more as you progress, (assuming your good enough to find them all).

Rather than the traditional fantasy dungeons and dragons style classes like warrior and wizard, this game gives some more futuristic options such as mercinary, ranger, cultest, priestess or mutant, each with it's own unique skills and playing style, not to mention a choice of six crafting professions just as in Battle arena like leatherworker, alchemist or armorsmith, and of course the choice of pets.

One major difference between this game and it's predecessor, is that rather than entering the same arena again and again to fight an endless stream of battles, you must instead journey onwards exploring dark and dangerous mazes as you go, searching for treasure and items and always on the look out for unexpected traps or attacks.

The main portion of the game therefore shows your surroundings. This takes a little getting used to but thanks to some exceptional access work with the game's interactions with voiceover on the part of the developer is not a problem once you understand the setup.

While the top of the screen holds the title of what zone your in and a button to enter the menu, the main part of the screen displays your current position. Each floor of whatever zone your in is displayed as a board of 25 squares each numbered with 0 at the top left and 24 in the bottom right. Your player moves around the board one square or room at a time (provided that there isn't a wall in the way), and can move in any of the four cardinal directions, thus if your in room 12 and move north, you will be in roomm 7, while moving south will take you to room 17, while moving west will take you to room 11. As you flick over the board with vo you will be told the contents of each square, and (if you have hints on which is highly necessary), the number of the square. Also you'll be told your character's position when you come to the room your in, just remember that the board stays static as you move, so moving your character is more like moving a peace in chess or backgammon or another board game than in other rpg games where the view changes around you.. Double tapping your current room will search it, while double tapping on adjacent squares will move you there.

Having vertical navgation set on your rotor with Voiceover is also highly recommended sinse it's easier then to look above and below squares on the board, (though bare in mind a miner bug causes issues when flicking down and looking one room immediately south of your character).

Benieth the board towards the middle bottom of the screen are your character's stats (keep a watch on your hp, sp and staminer), and buttons you can double tap for moving or searching labled with directions as an alternative. Most important, at the very bottom of the screen is the action log which displays the last message sent from the game, which could include the description of the square your on, when you've searched a square etc.

Some squares will contain ground such as stone paths or sewer water, however some squares will contain buildings like shops or shrines or entrances to other floors. Another thing to note however is that some types of terrain cannot be reached immediately without going a roundabout route, for example in the sewers only occasionally will you be able to pass from sewer water onto the stone paths. A very useful Voiceover tutorial written by Forum member Nolly is provided in the game (or can be read on this forum), which explains how to get a short way into the game and covers all the navigation features.

When the menu is opened you can look at several displays for your crafting, the inventory, your pets and skills. These screens are all similar with your equipped items or skills towards the top (or first if your swiping), and your main inventory of items further down. You can choose a button such as "info", "use" or "equip" to choose what action happens if you double tap on an item, (be sure to click the compare button in your inventory to look at your stat gains on items), just note that an empty slot is denoted by a button with a 0 in it.

Battling is just as easy as it was in battle arena, indeed probably more so given the screen is a little cleaner and the battle log is somewhat more informative, particularly in terms of showing what your facing. Choose a skill such as attack from your skills towards the middle bottom of the screen, or choose to drink a potion then target a creature (the image with the percentage bar such as sewer leache %100).

Though most of the game is text read by Voiceover, it does contain atmospheric 8 bit music, (rather more than in Battle arena), and several sound effects which certainly give that classic arcade feeling, (it's almost like playing Dragonquest or one of the early Final fantasy games).

The game costs just 5 usd, or three british pounds and is more than worth it.

As well as being an awesome game with some of the most impressive work done for voiceover access, the game is also helping to promote audiogames. If audiogames.net is mentioned in a review, the developer, Touchmint (who has himself been very active on our forums), will donate one dollar of proceeds to either the upkeep of the site or the game accessibility special interest group who fund audiogames.net, and given the popularity of previous installments that's some major publicity for the accessible gaming community right there. .

Additional resources

As usual tere is This page on Applevis For the game. Also, the introduction by Nolly which details much of the navigation features can be read Here in the articles room

With a game vault to transfer items, several different professions, challenges to complete and innumerable things like pets to unlock, not to mention it's own version of the battle arena once the game is complete, Quest to the future is one huge game ideal for anyone who wants a complex rpg with lots of exploring and detailed and engrossing gameplay, and thus comes very highly recommended.


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