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Age of fable

title:Age of fable
download page:No link!
developer:James Hutchings
platform:Online, web brouser
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Age of fable is an absolutely huge online gamebook style adventure! choosing to play as one of a number of characters (or rolling up your own character), you set out for the city of karrakara, with nothing but a hand full of the local currency, cowey shells, and the desire for adventure. The world the game takes place in is an especially colourfull and fantastic place, full of the unexpected, and even the dusty streets of karakara are a place where you can find everything from clockwork machinary coming to life, to revolutionary preachers or mad gods expecting a helping hand. Indeed, the author makes a special point of the bright and vibrant writing style of the world, enhancing it with quotations from shelly and other classic poems.

Age of Fable is absolutely the solution for hours of swift, uncomplicated adventuring fun! all you need to do is read each page carefully, and decide upon the best course of action. All dice rolling, and managing your inventory and items is handled by the game, though naturally you do need to keep account of what items and stats you have as you don't want to be attempting to fight a dangerous monster if you don't have the melee skill, or try outwitting a ruthless merchant without the streetwise abilities. fortunately, you can also gain blessings from various gods to help you engage in challenges your character may not be up to, and as with many role playing games yur stats are likely to increase over time.

there isn't even any need to create an account, just go streight to the website and begin playing. As for saving the game, just add the section you wish to save to your favourites, or click on one of the "save game" items to get a web address in text which you can copy out elsewhere.

With everything from epic quests, to evil monsters to random humer, this world has got something for everyone! and as new quests and content are added on an incredibly frequent basis, you'll want to keep on checking back to see what new challenges await you.


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