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Ah damn it

title:Ah damn it
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Samtupy productions
release:May, 2019
last edit by:Dark


Inspired by the legendary Oh Shit, Ah dammit is another curse worthy outing which borrows a few elements from the highly popular Crazy party, to create a game that will set you to cursing.

Venture back into that nasty troll swamp from the Darkness world of Crazy party and try to survive as long as you can by moving around vertically and horizontally with the arrow keys. Well, that's not too bad, after all those trolls are big and slow and there aren't too many of them. Unfortunately, they've bought along their pet bats, well that's okay, since the bats can only get you if you jump, and as for those zombies? Well again you've still got that awesome sword with you and can give them a good smacking, there are also balloons to burst and powerups to grab. Oh wait a minute what's this ghosts? monsters? Pits opening up, well this is a nice challenging what a fun game, ------ wait a minute? where did that robot come from? Ah dammit!

With withering remarks should you lose, a score system, and more enemies, power ups and chaos than you can shake MC Hammer's hammer at, Sam's game is likely to become just as frustrating and fun as its rival, particularly since achievements and expansions well might be added in the future.

Happy cursing!


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