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Airik the cleric

title:Airik the cleric
download page:link
genre:Adventure Games
developer:Breakerbox games
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Airik is what many people have long wanted in an audio game, a full scale, epic fantasy adventure, somewhat resembling the well known Zelda series.

The sky village in the Kingdom of Aunegauv has enjoyed a long period of piece, with Sightless cleric warriors training their skills in combat at the temple, ---- assisted by their floating memory bot helpers. However Darkness is gathering around the borders of the land and a conspiracy threatens violence and war. Currently, most of the Clerics are off on an expedition with the country's king, meaning that when the Hammer of Veridean, a powerful ancient artifact is stolen from the Sky temple, it's up to the young apprentice Airik and his sarcastic memory bot scout to try and get it back, whatever monsters, puzzles and traps may stand in their way. There are however sinister forces behind the theft, so reclaiming the hammer is just the first step on Airic's long journey, a journey that will take him through dark caverns, an icy fortress, tropical islands and eventually to a confrontation with the ultimate foe.

Most of the game takes the form of exploring many locations by walking with the arrow keys, up for north, right for east etc. You can also use Scout to see what's around you by hitting f and an arrow, or hit c for a radial scan of important objects in your vicinity. Enemies, gaps to jump over, switches and locked doors will stop you getting to other areas of the game, and you'll need to use Airik's special abilities or find items in order to locate them, a task made hazardous by Spikes, lava and of course monsters trying to kill you.

the game features a degree of combat, and several of the techniques you learn such as energy shield and floor smash can be used to defeat enemies, but what you'll find yourself doing much of the time is hunting Aunegauv for items, engaging in quests given to you by other characters in order to advance the story or unlock the way to new areas, and especially searching for those all important crystals and hearts needed to upgrade Airik's abilities and health.

thus the game offers many hours of gameplay wandering through dungeons, mountains, forests and even the beach, complete with side quests, and random activities you can do such as fishing thrown in.

The game contains full voice acting and dialogue (some of it contributed by members of the site, as well as some croke voiced fool called Dark), and for those who have a Xbox 360 controller, that can be used to play as well. The game will run on any version of windows later than 7, including as of recent updates Windows 10, however note that system requirements include a graphics card since the game tracks a lot of objects via video (check the above page for details and requirements).

The above link will download a demo version from Dropbox of the game, which will let you play through the first dungeon area and even take on the first boss.

The full game may be bought directly here on Paypal the game costs 12.99 usd to buy, which (when you consider it's size), is a pretty good price, though if your interested in all five of Breakerbox titles in one huge bundle you can Get the bundle here for the knockdown price of 24 usd.


With more games chronicling Airik's adventures, some apparently due to take a different bent in gameplay from the current action adventure, as well as frequent updates to Airik itself, this is certainly good news for adventuring fans.

Additional resources.

You can Read the players guide here Which details the keyboard commands and gives some tips on playing, also in the Faq section found here you'll find answers to a lot of the most common technical and gameplay questions, including boss stratogies.

Happy exploring!


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