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Angel gift

title:Angel gift
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
release:January 2015
last edit by:Pitermach


Angel gift is the first game to be produced by Erionsoft. Robbert Osztolykan, also more frequently known as Robjoy or Erion however is by no means a new figure in audio games. Many years ago he was part of the Lighttech interactive team and developed such games as Light cars and Light locator, while more recently he has been involved with The dragon flame game engine

Angel gift however represents the first game of his new development effort, and it is an awsome one.

Lyriel is the smallest and least of heaven's angels. Waking up (after over sleeping), she finds a tiny, wintry village where everything seems cold and bleak and who's human inhabitants are totally bereft of love, peace or joy. Using her angelic powers, Lyriel determins to alter this situation by flying through the village, giving out the correct heavenly gifts to counteract the bad situations. Unfortunately, it soon turns out that this is no accident, and the village is infested by demons whom Lyriel must battle in order to complete her task.

In practical terms the game is a side scroller in which you may move around with the arrow keys, use s for an energy shield or a to shoot, and when landing on the roof of a house hit d to hear what is going on inside, control to charge up an emotional gift and then j, p or l to give joy, peace or love depending upon the situation.

The game begins with a tutorial from Lyriel herself so the controls are easy to master, though remember to land atop a house you need to hit an arrow once when in the air and then let go sinse if you hold the arrows down you'll slide over the snowey rooftops.

Though the gameplay is simple to understand it is also highly tactical, with the need to often bate the demons into coming after you, or change position to a point you can deal with them. The major and most noticeable thing about Angel gift however, is that it is one of the most utterly cinematic and epic audio games you will find. Every character is fully voice acted, and the game has a huge range of sounds and extremely atmospheric music. Everything from the ambience of heaven to the little scenes of discord you get when landing on house rooves and hitting d, (not to mention the more tranquil scenes you get when you successfully give heavenly gifts), is calculated to be as absorbing and richly detailed as possible. Indeed in many ways Angel gift feels more like an interactive audio film than a game.

The game is entirely %100 free to download and play with no restriction, however the license type is given as "donation" because Erionsoft do accept donations (and if the truly exceptional quality of the music and acting of Angel gift is anything to go by, those donations will be very well used). You can Go here for the Erionsoft website and use the Paypal button to make your donation.

With surprisingly tactical gameplay for an audio side scroller and some of the most amazing audio landscaping of any audiogame , Lyriel's journey is absolutely a must play, particularly because this is hopefully not the last we've seen of heaven's most accident prone Angel.

While Erion's original site seems to be down at the moment, the download link to the game is provided thanks to the audiogames archive.


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