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Antimatter Dimensions

title:Antimatter Dimensions
download page:No link!
license:open source
genre:Incremental games
features:text, visuals
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In Antimatter Dimensions, your most basic job is to manufacture antimatter. To do this, you buy dimensions, which produce it. You start with 10 antimatter which is just enough to buy your first, 1st level dimension, each producing 1 antimatter per second. This will also allow you to buy a 2nd level dimension, which produce the 1st level ones. There are 8 levels all together, each producing the dimension before it. This means that as time passes, your antimatter production increases exponentially. This coupled with the fact that having enough of a dimension increases its multiplier from 1X to 2, 4 and so on, as well as the ability to buy tickspeed increases to speed up time, means that you will be reaching ridiculous numbers of antimatter pretty fast. You are also working toward goals to reset your game but getting permanent upgrades in the process. Pretty soon those too get ridiculous, because in this game not even infinity is the end - far from it, in fact, as breaking infinity unlocks a slew of upgrades and challenges allowing you to play the game with certain limitations in exchange for getting large, powerful rewards.


Accessibility wise, the game is incredibly easy to play, based almost exclusively on standard HTML buttons and checkboxes. It also features a large amount of hotkeys, listed in the options screen, that allow you to quickly purchase additional dimensions or perform upgrades without having to hunt for the right button. One notable exception to this is the achievements screen. Getting an achievement gives you in-game bonuses, so it's a good idea to work toward getting them. However, in the game they are represented as graphics with no alternative text, so will not be read out by screen readers. This isn't as problematic as it sounds however as the game wiki, linked below, has a full list of every achievement, along with its reward listed.


If you're a fan of seeing very large numbers getting increasingly larger, and like some entertaining messages to go with it, AntiMatter dimensions is worth a look!


Additional Resources


There are a number of helpful pages on the game, many of which can be found in its help section. One place most people will definitely want to look at starting out is the previously mentioned wiki which includes a textual description of all achievements, as well as details on all other aspects of the game. It also links to a very helpful strategy guide.


The game's complete source code can be found on Github.


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