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Apotheorasis, lab of the blind gods

title:Apotheorasis, lab of the blind gods
download page:No link!
genre:First person adventure
developer:Tall guy productions
release:February, 2022
features:text, sound, visuals
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Waking in darkness you are not sure where you are or what is happening. Only dim, and frightening memories are left to you, memories of how you arrived in this place, a place where you will be transformed into a blind god, but who can you trust? This is the opening scenario of Apotheriosis, lab of the blind gods, the first audiogame produced by Konstantinos 'Vasileiadsis from Griece, and his company tall guy productions.

Beginning with a disorientating atmosphere, and slowly setting up a dystopic, claustrophobic world, Apotheriosis blurrs the lines between thriller/adventure , and action shooter. Able to fire energy blasts and shield yourself from attacks, the game features a round of decidedly unique challenges, from navigating through dangerous areas, to precise targeting, with achievements available to earn for passing certain milestones or completing certain tasks; though fortunately failure will only mean going back a minute or two, and there's even the chance to skip certain challenges if you get truly stuck. Strong though the action elements are, the game however is more than just a shootemup, since a great deal of work has gone into the story and atmosphere, with dripping water, deadly traps, and a synister ambience following you every step of the way. .

Even the game's menus are presented in a rather unique way (including the end of the demo mode). ~As well as a dark and disturbing story, but also requires the player to make decisions, indeed often the player must answer "yes", or "no", to certain conversations or interactions, allowing the adventure to diverge in certain choices, and increasing the game's replay value.

The game has a variety of different control schemes available, including moving with the a s d and w keys, and using either mouse and arrows to turn, with up and down arrows or up and down mouse wheel to answer yes or no, as well as full support for joypads.

The game contains a demo with about a 40 minute playing time which may be downloaded and played for free, however the full game, containing about three hours of gameplay spread over three fearful acts; not counting speedruns and playing for achievements, costs 5 usd, and may be purchased either on the above Itch.io page, or through Steam

With great voice acting, mysterious and at times wonderfully loathsome characters, and an intriguing level of audio challenge, for those who've been seaking a more gritty, and more adult take on an audio adventure game, Apotheriosis, lab of the blind gods, might be just what you're looking for.


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