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Aprones Towers of war

title:Aprones Towers of war
download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Jeremy Kaldobsky also known as Aprone
release:November 2010
features:sound, visuals
last edit by:Sander


Tower defense games have been a popular style of stratogy games sinse the late 1990's. Thanks to new developer Jeremy Kaldobski, this style of addictive game is now made accessible in his first offering, towers of war.

As with many successful games, the concept of towers of war is desceptively symple. The game is played on a 10 x 10 grid of tyles. Across this grid runs a path way, ---- often zig zagging or turning corners. Upon a given signal ie, when the player is ready, a large number of monsters will troop along this path. For each enemy that makes it to the end, the player loses a life. the only hope of getting rid of this hoard of nasties, is for the player to build defensive towers around the map which will shoot at the monsters as they pass and (hopefully), destroy them before they can make it to the end. The catch is however, that towers may only be built on land tyles, not on the path itself, or on water. Sinse each tower has a limited range, this immediately presents a challenge, sinse the player needs to position towers to best advantage, ---- for instance placing one at the corner of the path means monsters will be in it's range for longer as they round the turn.

in addition to placing his/her towers effectively, there is then the question of what tower to build, sinse towers range from the slow firing, high damage and long range sniper tower, to the ultra quick firing microwave tower. There are then unusual tower types such as frost towers, which do not directly injur monsters, but damage them as they pass, and relativity towers, which do damage proportional to the monster's own hit points.

Also, all these towers aren't free. The player starts with only limited amounts of money, ---- though shooting down monsters will earn them more. After towers are placed, the player can press the space bar, to be told about the next oncoming hoard, then press enter if they're ready. Towers will shoot automatically as monsters come in range, (though the player can pause the game and review the board to see what's happening), and if the player survives, they'll be back to the construction phase where they can build more towers or upgrade the range or effect of existing ones with the cash they earned .

Of course, not all monsters are equal either, and not all towers will be equally effective. A microwave tower might for instance be able to take out a hoard of smaller, faster moving creatures, but for larger stronger enemies it won't do much good.

should you master the initial 20 levels, the game also has three difficulties, a number of different maps, and a number of different modes of play with slightly different rules, ----- such as the four kings mode, where you can only build a maximum of four towers, and zombi appocalypse mode, where the usual game levels and enemies are replaced by infinite waves of oncoming zombi hoards. The game also features full online score support as well for maximum competition.

A lot of work has gone into designing the game's interface. Each type of tyle, ---- path, water and land (in two audio types), has it's own sound, as do all the towers firing and the monsters. There are also high contrast, high visibility graphics for visually impared players as well.

The keyboard interface shows a similar attention to detail sinse there are many keys and many different options for best reviewing the map and dealing with your towers. You can move around the grid with either arrows or the mouse and use either left control or left click to select, use tab and shift tab to move in menues, press E or shift E to have the path's movements described, use 1 or shift 1 to review the current row or column, hit B for information on towers or monsters, and even press the graave or accent key to output the maps to a text file to run through a braille printer if you want. Keys for playing the game are equally symple, just enter to confirm in menues, and space for a description of the next level with the chance to begin it immediately. Sinse the game is stil in developement, there aren't full instructions yet, but you can find a complete list of keys in the first post of this topic on our forum There is also an Audio instructions file found here which details several of the in game keys, and An audio walkthru of the first 7 levels found here which should give you some ideas about the strategic elements of the game.

Also it is worth noting that extensive information on different tower types, modes etc, is all provided within the game itself.

Towers of war offers a completely new gaming experience and a new level of stratogy to audio games, and is one of the most playable and addictive audio games produced for a long time, and is therefore highly recommended.

Though the game is entirely free, if you want to donate to the developer to support his work, there is a button on his site for this.

Pluss, developement has not yet stopped, and more game modes, towers, maps, ---- maybe even editers for players to create their own maps and monsters, could well be on the way.

Further information about Aprones games can be found The audio archive site


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