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Arborell gamebooks archive

title:Arborell gamebooks archive
download page:No link!
developer:Wain Densley
platform:Pdf documents
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In 2008, the Chronicles of Arborell site Launched the first anual Windhammer competition for ameter produced gamebooks. The competition has happened each year sinse, with far more entries being submitted, and a great amount of voting and discussion. this is an archive of all the gamebooks submitted to all competitions, ---- and will include those in future competitions as well.

the wide range of genres in this collection is truly staggering, ---- from traditional ghosts and goblins, to scifi and even Western! all using easy to follow dice rules and systems for generating your character and taking him/her through the adventure.

Best of all, --- all the gamebooks are also free.

The gamebooks are presented as pdf text files thus making it necessary to manually find sections of text, write your character's stats, and roll dice. The easiest way to handle pdfs is to use the accessible version of Adoby acrobat reader found here to convert the gamebooks to text, or read them directly (it even has a self-voicing option with ms sapi). Note that this is not the standard adoby acrobat reader, which does not come with access features and may not convert texts (including gamebooks), as well as the version mentioned here.

Once text handling is taken care of, the rest is easy, as a players' stats can be written using any word processor you wish, and The gma dice program found here to handle the dice rolling.

These books have been incredibly well written, ---- making the job of voting for them in the initial Windhammer competition rather difficult indeed, ---- however luckily that won't be a concern now for a good while, --- -and the past entries are there to be enjoyed and are well worth the miner amount of extra time required to play them.


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