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genre:Arcade Games
platform:Online, shockwave
features:sound, visuals
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Gamevial was a small company based in Scotland, founded in 2003, who made online, real time graphical action and arcade games using the shockwave player. Deciding that people lacking in site should be able to play their games too, they developed several titles for blind and visually impaired gamers, games with full graphical support, Sapi output speech and even competitive scoreboards.

While I have no idea where the name Aremapetol came from,the game was a nice straight forward 3d arcade action title. In the game, you needed to to grab a bunch of coins located in a small, 3D maze and guarded by demon chimps, ---- yes Demon! chimps!

There are of course easier ways to make money, ---- but then again that wouldn't be half as interesting a game.

You could Use the up and down arrow keys to move forward and back, and the left and right arrows to turn. To collect coins, you had to centre their sound in the stereo field and walk towards them but avoid the growling chimps wandering around. You could also hit the spacebar to activate your sonar and tell how far or near you were to a wall.

You could collect power ups (the shimmering sound), for your gun which could be fired with left ctrl or enter, ---- though targeting the evil monkeys of doom was not easy.

collecting all the coins, would move you on to the next level, which contained more of the terrible simians, plus more coins, power ups etc.

Unfortunately, with the increasing obsolescence of macromedia flash as a platform Gamevial shut down, and ceased all game development in 2017, handing all their assets to a company known as Ravenwood entertainment, who have bought out some versions of their games that play in Modern browsers. However, Ravenwood have thus far showed no interest in remaking, or rereleasing any of gamevial's audiogames, which is a shame, and of course since the games were online, even though they were originally free it is doubtful anyone else could host them.

Details of the rise and fall of Gamevial can be Found here


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