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Ashes of Angels

title:Ashes of Angels
download page:No link!
developer:Ashes of Angels
platform:Online, web brouser
release:2003, ongoing
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


It is the 26th century. After a golden age of universal expantion to the stars, human kind met an unexpected enemy in the form of an enigmatic and savage Alien race who invaded the galaxy, reduced human civilization to nothing more than a few scattered remnants, then left to move on to further conflicts. Now, humanity has started to recover from this great desaster, and expand outwards once more with five or six major solar systems colonized, and many terraformed planets producing the goods needed for the slowly recovering civilization.

In ashes of angels, you play a ship captain in this shattered world, trying to make a name for yourself and survive through trade, piracy and guile, ---- always aware that the unnamed aliens may be only biding there time.

As in many space trading games, you may carry out haulage missions, transporting goods from world to world, try and buy and sell goods to turn a prophit, mine and sell valuable resources, and even take on assassination missions if you have the weaponry. Of course, less pleasant paths to fame and fortune are also open to you, ---- such as piracy, or illegal smuggling. Then again, you might try owning your own factory, farm or space station.

The game is played in a web brouser, and though it contains some artwork of planets and ships, all the important playing is done through reading text which appears as fairly standardized html pages with list boxes and columns, ---- perfect for any screen reader.

One major point in favour of Aoa however, ---- especially from an access perspective, is that the game features a variety of highly specialized search tools, which vastly reduce the amount of time you would usually spend scanning long lists of tables or other numeric information in this type of game. For instance, clicking on any of the various commodities in the markit or stock search produces a list of planets where it may be bought, ---- making price comparison all the easier.

One highly unique aspect about Aoa, is that the game is entirely real time. The day and time of game events are exactly 500 years in the future, and all events take realistic amounts of time, ---- so flying betwene planets really will take several hours. This gives the hole game both a more realistic feeling, ----- especially with the litle background touches such as the dayly Aoa express newspaper, and also means that, ---- in depth though it is, it will not take hours of time to play.

Also of note is the travel system. All planets have their own orbital speed and 3D position, and if it weren't for the highly adaptable travel interface, things could get needlessly complex. As it is though, the travel calculator is more than able to cope with your journey time calculations, and all that is necessary to travel is in putting the correct destinations in a set of list boxes.

Though a slower paced, more thoughtful game than some, ---- even ship to ship combat takes an hour, Aoa is stil a rewarding game to play in it's own right.


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