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Super Mario Bros Audio Edition

title:Super Mario Bros Audio Edition
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:Jeqocon Games
release:January 2011
features:text, sound
last edit by:Nocturnus


IN 1981, Nintendo released Donkī Kongu, an arcade game that would set the standard for most platformers to date. It involved directing a Jumpman through a series of different platforms and obstacles in an atempt to rescue a young lady from a villainous ape. Years later, our hero is perpetuated by his fans and his developers in many games known as the Super Mario Series, which has landed at least one title in every major Nintendo video game console and hand held device since the original release of Super Mario Bros in 1985.

As with the original concept, the Super Mario Series features a fictional kingdom full of mushrooms, stars, various areas to explore, and a wide variety of nasties Mario must jump on to defeat. The original, despite its simplistic plot which required that Mario rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser, provided many endless hours of mindless fun for blind individuals, and those who were somewhat sighted were able to enjoy it still further, but never were both groups able to play the game equally, owing to the fact that the game catered to a mainstream, sighted audience. Without the sighted asistance required, no blind person stood a chance, until now.

IN this audio rendition of the insanely poppular series, we can take mario through the game using sapi and sound alike; NVDA can be used in conjunction with braille displays and windows display mode, a mode within the game that outputs a string of characters representing the vertical row of the current level to the title bar. This content will then be intercepted by the screen reader and sent to the braille display, giving you a rough image in text, which can be useful when trying to detect open spaces , weather platforms are above those open spaces, whether there is solid ground beneath the space in question and how far away the platform is in relation to where you are currently standing. Behavior with other screen readers and the windows display mode is unstable.

Two sets of controls exist for comfort's sake, giving the player a wide list of options to choose from to navigate around the mushroom kingdom and work with the game in general. Pressing enter or spacebar will pause and resume your current adventures, left arrow and A will move/turn to the left, right arrow and s will do the same in the opposite direction, and up arrow, w, f, or numbpad will allow you to jump. Tab will allow one to use the previously mentioned window display mode.

There are a few differences between this version of mario and the original, firstly because the game is designed with blind and vision impaired individuals in mind, and also, because the game was developed by memory. Perhaps the most noticeable and impressive of these is the accessible camera, which allows one to view and examine the area you are currently in space by space. One need only pause the game to use it, or hold down H or numbpad three during gameplay. Using either method, it is then necessary to use the directional keys to examine in any desired direction. Different sounds will play as you move along to indicate what you are currently focused on; using f5 from the introductory menu will allow you to learn the game sounds. Another difference lies in the way Mario jumps. IN the original game, one would typically run to the edge of whatever they were planning to jump, then hit the corresponding button to perform the action. This version of the game has scrapped that manner completely, allowing Mario to rise as you hold down the desired key associated with jumping to rise to the necessary height, then let go of the key and move in the direction you wish to jump.

Much of the game has been preserved, however, including the original plot, Mario's adversaries, sounds and music, items, and more. Dying is as simple as walking your way to a pit and falling; living is going to require your effort, and a princess's life is at risk! If you ever hoped for a chance to step back into the mid 80's with the elite Nintendo gamers of that time who spent countless days practicing jumping on goombas, paratroopas: wandering down pipes to explore mazes full of coins, deadly fireballs, and the ultimate dragon fight, this game wil provide all of that, with the added benefit of knowing that your console is a windows machine with higher capabilities than that of the Nintendo Entertainment system, who's interior has probably seen more saliva particles than a dentist, and who's cartridges have received more Carbon dioxide than many a plant, a benefit that particular legion of gamers can tell you first hand they didn't have.

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