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Audio defense, zombie arena

title:Audio defense, zombie arena
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genre:Arcade Games
release:November 2014
features:text, sound, visuals
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Sadly in 2016, Somethinelse utterly abandoned their games and all games development. This means that since they could no longer updating their games to work with current versions of Ios, they've been removed from the ap store, which, given the awesome quality of what was available is a dam shame.

Where previously Somethinelse's audio game offerings had been slightly slower paced, adventure/action games with a definite horror theme, Audio defense is their first ever, full throttle, adrenaline fueld, fast action blood fest!

Join the psychotic Doctor Bastard, (yes that is his name), as a contestant in his zombie arena game show. Rather than wandering around collecting items as in previous titles, in Audio defense you are stuck in the center of the arena as various zombies advance on you from all directions. To combat the zombies, just turn to face them and open up with your weapon, or even pull out your melee weapons if zombies get too close.

As in papasangre 2, the main control method for the game is the gyroscope, meaning you need to physically turn yourself to face the oncoming undead hoards, (you can alternatively swipe the top of the screen or turn your Ios device, but for full immersion, playing with the gyroscope is definitely recommended).

Don't think that just because the main principle of the game is turn and shoot you've got an easy time. With a large variety of zombie types such as the dreaded chain saw zombies, the explosive farties, ---- yes farties! and the synister whisperers, you will find a great amount of stratogy is needed to survive Doctor Bastard's various challenges, and a great amount of patience needed to survive his extremely withering sarcasm. .

For a game with such an easily accessible concept, Audio defense has an incredible amount of replay value and a great many options. The main story mode of the game comes through a number of challenge arenas in Which Doctor bastard will put you through your paces, attempting to get you up to the level of a world class contestant for his zombie coliseum. this serves both as a tutorial for the game, introducing the different zombie types over time and letting you practice your audio aiming, and as an extra challenge mode (sinse Doctor Bastard isn't going to let you have it easy), particularly because each challenge has various bonus stars to earn for high accuracy or extra fast zombie slaying.

There is also an endless mode, where you see how long you survive against a constant flow of zombies wracking up a high score. This also comes with various different random inconveniences from Doctor Bastard's dastardly pack of tarot cards. get lucky and you could be fighting slower zombies than usual, however be unlucky and you might find yourself having to cope with tougher undead, a noisey thunderstorm or a symphany of car alarms.

What is perhaps the best thing about the game however, is that both in the challenges and endless mode,your not just playing for points, but for coins and diamonds! every successive zombie you kill increases your coin count, with greater amounts awarded for high accuracy and uninterupted kill streaks, in addition certain special zombie types carry diamonds which you can get if your quick enough with your trigger finger. These currencies are used to buy a large variety of weapons with different zombie slaying potential, from the powerful but short range shot gun to the rapid fire yet noisey machine gun, plus a number of melee weapons from a wok to a golf club should you be having too many close encounters with zombies. Not only do you need the currency to buy the weapons, but also upgrade their level rpg style making them more effective, but also upgrade things like the frequency or effectiveness of random powerups. This means there is a greater incentive than just high scores to replay Doctor Bastard's challenges trying to earn those bonus stars or play a number of games on endless mode trying to rack up the cash for new instruments of zombie slaughter!

As well as the highly addictive gameplay, the sound design is some of the most immersive you will find, with a variety of noises for each zombie type, different ambiences for the arenas, as welll as environmental hazards like herds of cows or cars all played in gorgious 3D sound.

There is no need to turn off Voice over for the game, indeed it's needed to read the menus although the game play itself has been created to be quite compatible with vo running. Audio defense costs 7 usd, or 5 pounds and can be bought from the Ap store.

Additional resources.

For details on all Doctor Bastard's nasty creations that you'll be facing in the arena (including one he borrowed from his old Pal Papasangre), you can Find the Zombiepedia here on the audio defense site though it is also accessible from the game's menu as well.

As you would expect there is a Page on Applevis for audio defense. Plus Khalfan Bin Dhaher from Applevis has recorded This podcast demonstrating the game.

Or alternatively, you can try This demonstration[ from Gorthalen the Dragon and Pitermach in their guise as podcasters Pg13.

Audio defense is a surprising game, deceptively simple in concept, but with finely worked out mechanics, exceptional sounds and a lot of extra gameplay elements that make it one of the most engaging, complex and charmingly grusome arcade games you will find! this one is absolutely recommended for casual and hard core gamers alike, especially if you have a fancy to go and shread some undead for prophet!


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