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Audio moto championship

title:Audio moto championship
download page:No link!
genre:Racing Games
platform:Windows, Mac
release:December 2017
last edit by:Pitermach


Entry update by pitermach: In April 2022, the Audiogame association overhalled their infrastructure, which also included the activation system of their games. Unfortunately many of their older titles including this one could not be updated. As a result, this game is no longer available for purchase. You can read the developer’s official announcement in the other news section of the March 2022 monthly digest

Folowing their futuristic racing efforts in audio speed, and more conventional car racing in Audio rally racing, this time the Tikon blue team give you the chance to dominate the world of speed in classic style with your own motorbike.

Whilst the principles of the game are similar to previous racing games, accelerate with the up arrow, use left and right to turn and down to break, the actual racing engine as well as the audio has been entirely redesigned. Handle the weather and the different capabilities of your bikes around the world on a host of racing tracks as you follow your career, earning fame and fortune, with need to rev up, slow down and be careful of your engine's capacity to overheat.

Every race you complete in career mod also gets you quite literally fame and fortune, with accumulating fame the way to be first in the championship, whilst the money is used to buy bigger and better bikes at the shop, or customise your hog to your liking. With three different speeds, 125, 250 and 500 cc versions, as well as two different difficulties, and the chance to play in regional tournaments as well as in your world spanning career, this is certainly a treat for adrenaline junkies everywhere.

The game costs 9.90 euroes, and is available for Mac and Pc. Though there is no demo, several audio teasers and gameplay videos can be found on the above website, which should whet your appetite for the races ahead.

,p>Happy racing.


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