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genre:Racing Games
platform:Windows, Mac
release:June 2014
last edit by:Pitermach


Entry update by pitermach: In April 2022, the Audiogame association overhalled their infrastructure, which also included the activation system of their games. Unfortunately many of their older titles including this one could not be updated. As a result, this game is no longer available for purchase. You can read the developer’s official announcement in the other news section of the March 2022 monthly digest

AudioSpeed is Ticon Blu's first attempt at a high speed racing challenge. In the far future, pilots race not cars, but starships on a number of orbital tracks. With high gravity, hyperspacial acceleration and hazards such as nebulae this is an extremely dangerous sport. The main tournament of the game takes place on 7 tracks, culminating in a showdown at the system Hydra, where only the toughest pilots will survive.

In the game you can choose one of a number of star ships which differ in stats such as top speed, manoeuvrability, armour and acceleration, as well as the efficiency of their robo navigator. You can then either practice racing on one of the first five tournament tracks, or enter the tournament itself. Since however in the tournament if you fail to get a good enough time you'll be disqualified, a good racing knowledge is needed.

Controlling your ship is easy, simply use the arrows to steer your ship, with the up and down arrows or forward and backwards tilts controlling your throttle. Use the space bar to activate boosters to give you an extra kick when you need it. What is far more difficult however is learning the precise movements necessary. A number of beeps will warn you when your getting too close to the sides of the tracks, and the different robo navigator models will provide information about upcoming curves and hazards, however learning how to take curves precisely and control your ship at optimum speed is quite a skill. Take too many hits (more than your armour can stand), and your ship will be destroyed Even before you finish the race.


The game is entirely self voicing, indeed the efficiency of the ship's robo navigators which report oncoming hazaards is also a factor in which ship you buy.

Audio speed costs just 4.90 euroes, and versions can be purchiced in English, spanish and the original Italian for Pc and Mac. Those who want to try a demo before buying will find a link to a form on the above website, though note that the demo just gives you one ship and track to play with and also requires an email activation code like the full game. The above page also some audio teasers available, and an audio rendition of the instructions.

Though previously available for Ios, the Ios version no longer seems to be around, so for the time being, the game can only be played on Pc and Mac.

Happy racing.


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