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genre:Space invaders Games
release:October 2017
features:text, sound, visuals
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Calling Audiostrike a space invaders style game is not quite accurate. True, you move your ship with the arrows left and right and fire upwards at enemies above you, however there the similarities end. Firstly, rather than trying to simply stop avoid from landing who just float passively downwards, in audiostrike the idea is to survive, with enemies who are very aggressive about firing off missiles or attempting to ram you. Survive long enough and you might be able to release your ship's devastating charge shot weapon with the enter key, however don't get hit too many times or the mission will be over.

The game is more than just a classic arcade survival fest however. firstly, as well as 7 increasingly difficult stages divided into four sub levels each which range from simple dog fights in the wilderness to entering a hidden cave base avoiding incoming obstacles, you will also have to defeat dangerous boss ships, all of whom have huge health bars, devastating weaponry and require tactical gameplay to defeat.

Luckily once a stage is unlocked on a given difficulty level you can start from the beginning of that stage, meaning you don't have to begin at the beginning all the time.

Fortunately, doing well enough will reward you with gems which can be used to buy temporary supplements that can earn you extra boosts from more fire power, to the ability to start with extra lives beef up your charge shot. Do well enough in the game, and the chance to unlock permanent enhancements for your ship might be yours too.

Being a more complex type of shooter, the game's audio landscape might take a bit of getting used to, however the game view is extremely customisable. The tab key can be used to access a radar which can give you information about all ships and missiles on screen. Also, the audio indicators which show when your ship is in danger of hitting a missile or enemy ship (a lower pitched one for coming close and a higher pitched one for immediate danger), can be toggled. The games' view can also be changed, either having the hole playing area represented in the full stereo field, or hearing things through a narrower perspective more closely centred on your ship itself. The games' speed can also be changed too, something which might be necessary given the truly insane amounts of flying nasties you'll need to dodge through on later levels. The game outputs directly to Nvda or the Japanese Pc Talker screen reader, though can also be self voicing through Microsoft Sapi. It also contains graphics showing ships and other objects, with more high contrast options in the works for those who can make use of them, best of all it's entirely free.

Though the game was written in Japanese, Yukio Nozawa from Nyanchan games has helped with a translation, so the game is fully playable in English without need for any additional software. Also note that while the game has been translated, the installer is still in japanese. You can get around this by tabbing to the button after the browse button, or alternatively, just use This plane zip version of the game instead of the above installer.

With five different ships to choose from ranging from the speedy white falcon to the powerful winged dragon, all of which have weaponry, speeds and charged shots, five different difficulty levels to take on the game which let you access increasingly better unlockables, tactical bosses and complex gameplay, this is certainly a game that will keep you coming back for more action again and again, and as a new high in audio action gameplay is definitely recommended, especially for lovers of all things distructive.

Happy blasting.


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