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download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
platform:Android, Ios, Steam
release:September, 2019
features:text, sound, visuals
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Welcome to Altto academy, the most prestigious institution in all the land of Sondview. Unfortunately, with a recent extra dimensional invasion having been countered, the land is crawling with distortions; nasty little creatures bent on causing chaos and destruction. Luckily, a little application of Audio, the worlds' elemental power is all that's needed to sort them out, and the tea loving professor Sondaman is here to teach you how to use it; provided he can keep his attention out of his teapot.

This is the scenario in Audio wizards, the flag ship title from Finnish development team Mytruesound. Gameplay is simple and addictive, swipe or hit the arrows in one of four directions to channel earth, lightning, fire or water audio, then let it fly in the right direction at the oncoming distortion, though of course make sure to attack with whatever element the oncoming monster is weak against.

The game can be played in one of two modes. In story mode, in which you journey with Sondaman across Sondview, trying to clean up the distortions from the invasion, confronting dangerous beasts, evil wizards, and Sondaman's obsessive appetite for tea along the way. Or endless mode, simply keep battling the enemies until you lose, earning a higher score. Both modes give you the chance to unlock rewards, such as hats which affect your gameplay, or the music room, where you can listen to the game's rich soundtrack.

With full 3D graphics, (including lots of sparkly magic), the game is ideal for anyone of any level of vision to play, indeed with the fantastic array of music in the game; also provided by the VI gaming community, and Sondaman's hilarious acting, it's as much a full scale cinematic experience, as a game.

The game is retail only, and costs just 5 usd to buy, though given the high standard of the games' music, acting, and the addictive gameplay, this is more than reasonable.

The game is also available for several different platforms, including Android via the google play store, Ios on the ap store, and even (for those who want a Pc version and don't mind the headaches), Here on steam, with the soundtrack available as an extra dlc.


The Spanish version of Audiowizards, AudioMagos, may also be downloaded from the respective Ios or Android Ap stores. Whilst it also costs 5 usd, it comes with a demo which lets people play up to level 13 before needing to buy the game. Unfortunately, since it is a separate ap to the English Audiowizards, it needs to be downloaded and purchased separately.

Additional resources.

Though though there is no demo for the game, several recordings of gameplay can be found Here on the mytruesound youtube channel, including a how to play video voiced by some idiot called Dark, who even put together This story set in the game's world

As always with Ios releases, Audio wizaards has it's own page on Applevis, found here

Happy wizarding.


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