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Aura Game

title:Aura Game
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
platform:Windows, Mac
release:in development
last edit by:jack


From one of the former minds behind such runaway hits as Guitar Hero comes a unique music-centered title. Taking place in the palace of the Mad Queen of Synthesizers, this game has you attempting to pick up the broken pieces of musical compositions while avoiding the robot buttlers and, if called upon, the disgraced record producer...excuse me...mad queen herself!
Conceptually, this game takes after the now relatively obscure Sound Catcher from Bit Generations Sound Voyager (see index). The aim is to center a musical sound source, walk towards it, and grab it. The pieces you pick up fit together until you've ultimately found them all. Where this game takes on a life of its own, though, is when the danger zones kick in. Obviously, the queen isn't exactly pleased with your success at reclaiming the rights to your destroyed works. Robot buttlers are deployed to scout the area, and should they find you, they will alert the queen who will then start chasing you. You'll have to find all the missing pieces while still staying ahead of the queen, for if she catches you, you're toast!

Currently the game is in a prototype demo that offers a tutorial along with three levels of increasing difficulty. The finished game will feature a voice-acted storyline. Though the above link to download the Windows version, there is also a Mac version available. Once you've tried the game, the developer is interested in hearing your feedback.


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