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Azabat Backgammon

title:Azabat Backgammon
download page:No link!
genre:Traditional games
features:text, sound, visuals
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Though Azabat are apparently converting their games to be sold electronically for six pounds each, Backgammon no longer seems to be available for download, though whether it will show up in the future we are not sure.

This is a computer rendition of the popular dice board game which dates back to ancient babylon. Take turns rolling the dice to move your pieces in an attempt to get them to the end of the board and off while your opponent tries to move his/her pieces in the opposite direction. If however an opponent lands on your piece it is knocked back to the start, though you can avoid this by creating blockades of pieces on the same square. Stratogy comes in choosing which piece to move, and also (in a rule unique to backgamon), whether to use one dice roll for one piece and one for another, or two for the same piece.

the Azabat version is self-voicing via Ms Sapi, uses symple shortcut keys to control the game, and comes with extensive instructions. It also features a highly visible representation of a backgammon board which might be useful for visually impaired players, or for playing against sited opponents sinse, ----- like many of Azabat's titles, Backgammon features both the ability to play against the computer on various skill levels and the option to play a human opponent at the same computer.

The above demo version will let you try the game for 10 minutes of play and then cut out, however to get full functionality, a license key must be bought from Azabat Software.


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