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Azabat games volume 1

title:Azabat games volume 1
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Azabat games is a company based in the Uk, who create software aimed at those not familiar with computers, for instance eldily people who have lost their site but may stil want to play games. Their first volume contains four traditional and easy to play games using dice and cards which many people know well.

  • Klondike Solitare: A strategical card game played with the standard 52 card pack in which you need to move cards from the stock into 7 columns going downwards in order from Ace to 2. Skill is involved in which cards you move where, and luck is involved in which cards come up first, especially sinse you cannot move a lower card ontop of a higher one and must have the cards alternating in red black order.

  • Yahtzee: The well known dice game. Roll five dice three times to see what score you get, then fill in one of the scoring catagories, however if none of your rolls match you'll need to write a zero. Use 1-5 to select dice, and space to reroll. The version on the demo cd will let you play for 3 rounds.

  • Connect four: This is a well known game of four in a row, usually played with a 3D stand up board and counters that drop down into it. The object is to get a line of four horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The azabat version allows you to play against the computer on three different levels of difficulty, and should you lose you'll automatically go down a level. Alternatively, you can play with a human opponent at the same computer. The version on the demo cd cuts out after several moves.

  • blackjack: The popular casino game of 21, where you attempt to get as close to 21 as possible without busting. The azabat version starts you with 100 chips and gives all the options to hit, stick, or double down. Demo will cutout after several hands.

All the azabat games run directly from the cd with no installation needed, feature sound effects in the games and are self voicing with recorded speech. As one of the primary intentions of Azabat is to create games playable by computer novices, the games use only the function keys,number row, space bar and cursers to make things easier, with all in game keys explained.

Volume 1 is available from Azabat software for 30 uk pounds, or 54 us dollars, or 42 euros, with options to pay in similar amounts of Canadian or Australian dollars as well.

The games also have bright, high contrast graphics, making them perfect to play for people with any level of site, especially when the games are multiplayer ones.

Though the azabat games are (thus far), sold as retail only on cd, a demo cd is available from Azabat on request containing demo versions of games in their first four volumes, which will allow a player the chance to play the games with either time or round restrictions and thus try before buying.

though Azabat themselves (as well as various redistributers), sell the English versions of the games, Volume 1 has also been translated into German. German copies can be bought from Caretech Austria and Marland Germany


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