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Azabat games volume 3

title:Azabat games volume 3
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Azabat software is a company based in the Uk who aime to produce games for those who might have difficulty otherwise using computers, such as the eldily or those who've recently lost their sight.

Their third volume is one for people who enjoy spacial and grid based puzzles and contains four games.

  • Sudoku, a numerical grid based game played on a 9x9 board where you need to fill in the numbers 1-9 in the squares so that each digit appears only once in each row, column, and 3x3 box. This makes for a real challenge to spacial logic and memory. The program will generate sudoku puzzles of a range of difficulties from the easiest Korma to the hardest, Vindaloo, though note that each puzle has only one solution. Various review methods are available for examining the board, and the chance to get hints. A detailed help system can also be accessed by pressing F1 which offers some information about Sudoku stratogy.
  • Battleships, the traditional grid based logic game in which you fire missiles at a 10x10 grid, trying to sink and reveal the other players ships. The azabat version gives you two cruisers, one battleship and four submarines, making for a longer varient of the game. It can be played against the computer or against another human at the same machine.
  • Uxb, or unexploded bomb. This is an accessible version of the mine sweeper game that comes with microsoft windows. In a grid of various size, there are several unexploded bombs, and the object of the game is to reveal all the blank squares without exploding the bombs. This is done by performing explosions on some of the squares. If you don't hit a bomb, you'll be told how many of the surrounding 8 squares have bombs in them. for instance, if there is a bomb at square A1 and C1, performing a test on B1 will give a number two. By using this information you can reveal all the squares of the grid but the ones with bombs in them and so win.

    The azabat version of the game has several keys to navigate the grid, includes the ability to flag suspected squares, and can be played at various levels of difficulty from a simple 6x6 grid with 4 bombs, to a massive 16x16 affair with 40 bombs! Unusually though, exploding a bomb does not end the game, so you can carry on reguardless and see how many mistakes you make on a grid if you wish.

  • Memory, a version of the game sometimes called concentration or Brainiac. 54 playing cards are layed out in a grid face down. Each player takes two cards, trying to reveal a pair. If however the cards don't match they are replaced face down again, meaning the memory of the cards position is what makes the difference. At the end of the game, the player who revealed most pairs wins. In the Azabat version, you can play either a practice game by yourself to try and beat your score, Against another person at the same machine, or a game against the computer on easy, medium or hard difficulties. As it's played with playing cards, there are of course two of each pair on the grid, however if a pair is revealed the player gets a second turn, meaning tactical play is deffinately rewarded.

All the azabat games run directly from the cd with no installation needed, and are self voicing with recorded speech, pluss a few sound effects. As one of the primary intentions of Azabat is to create games playable by computer novices, the games use only the function keys,number row, space bar and cursers to make things easier, with all in game keys explained.

The games also have bright, high contrast graphics, making them perfect to play for people with any level of site that can be magnified right up to 64 times normal size, especially when the games are multiplayer ones.

Though the azabat games are (thus far), sold as retail only on cd, a demo cd is available from Azabat on request containing demo versions of games in their first four volumes, which will allow a player the chance to play the games with either time or round restrictions and thus try before buying.

The demo versions of the grid based games will cutout after a few moves, but should give people a reasonable idea of how the games work. The third volume may be ordered from Azabat at a price of 30 Uk pounds, 52 Usd or 41 Euroes, or at similar amounts of Australian or Canadian dollars.


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