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Azabat games volume 4

title:Azabat games volume 4
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Azabat's fourth volume is one of the most interesting in their collection, as it contains a number of strategical games. As with their previous offerings, Azabat's intention is to create software for people who have trouble using computers such as the eldily, though the games in the fourth volume are certainly some of their more challenging offerings. If you obtain the demo cd, all games in the fourth volume will cut out after ten minutes. The collection contains the following:

  • Backgammon: Actually virtually the same game as the stand alone Azabat backgammon see index Accept that it runs from the cd, and uses recorded speech instead of sapi. It does however contain the same options for review keys and play against a computer on various skill levels or a human opponent at the same machine.

  • Scrazabat: an interestingly named version of the popular board game of scrabble played either against the computer or a human opponent> Randomly pull tyles out of a bag and put them across the 15 x 15 board to form words horizontally or vertically, with more unusual letters scoring higher points. The Azabat version contains all the rules, a choice of advanced or basic dictionaries, high contrast graphics and lots of review keys. Options such as exchanging your letter tyles for some in the bag are also present.

  • Draughts: Also known as Checkers, this is often described as the quick version of chess. Play with 8 counters using only the black squares of a chess board (or rather the red squares in the azabat version), you and an opponent take turns moving pieces diagonally in an effort to take all your opponents' pieces by jumping over them. Get a piece to the end of the board and it can promote into a king allowing far more options for movement. The azabat version allows play against a human or against the computer on several skill levels.

  • Dominoes: A well known and somewhat random game of numbers and guess work. Each dominoe has two numbers ranging from the dreaded double zero to double six. When your opponent places one dominoe, attempt to follow sute by placing one of yours at either end, ---- eg, if your opponent played a 6-4, you could play either a 6 or a 4, however if you can't go be prepared to hunt the bone yard and pick up another. At the end of each game, if you've not got rid of all your dominoes you'll need to count spots to accumulate penalty points.

    The azabat version allows play against the computer, or against another human opponent, though that could be interesting sinse both of you will be able to know the other players dominoes.

Volume 4 can be bought on cd for 30 Uk pounds, 42 euroes or 54 dollars.

All the azabat games run directly from the cd with no installation needed, feature sound effects in the games and are self voicing with recorded speech. As one of the primary intentions of Azabat is to create games playable by computer novices, the games use only the function keys,number row, space bar and cursers to make things easier, with all in game keys explained.

The games also have bright, high contrast graphics, making them perfect to play for people with any level of site, especially when the games are multiplayer ones.

Though the azabat games are (thus far), sold as retail only on cd, a demo cd is available from Azabat on request containing demo versions of games in their first four volumes, which will allow a player the chance to play the games with either time or round restrictions and thus try before buying.


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