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Azabat games volume 5

title:Azabat games volume 5
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features:text, sound, visuals
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Azabat Games volume 5 is yet another compelation from Azabat Software. This disc contains four games. Azabat games are very easy to play, but can still be challenging.. The games on this disc are:

Word Search. In this game you can choose from 60 different word catigories, and you can choose from many different puzzle sizes. There's also a difficulty setting, which makes the words come from different positions on the board. For example, if you choose easy, you'll only get words straight across. You use the arrow keys to navagate the puzzle, and when you've found a word, you hold the control key down, and press the arrows to form the word. After letting up on the control, the game will tell you if you were right or wrong.

The second game is called Code Words. It's set up much like a crossword puzzle, but instead of clues you have letters. You have to try and figure out what the letters mean to solve the puzzle. There's 60 catigories of words to choose from, and many puzzle sizes.

The third game is called Word Tower. It's similar to Target in Volume 2, but a little different. You are given six letters, and you have to make all the three, four, five, and six letter words you possibly can.

Word Ladder is the final game on this disc. You are given a word, and you have to make different words out of that first word you started off with. You can have three, four, and five letter words.

You can buy Azabat games Volume 5 for 30 pounds, or 50 dollars US.


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