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Azabat games volume 7

title:Azabat games volume 7
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This is the last volume in the Azabat collection (for now). This one contains four easy to play card games. The titles are as follows: Golf Solitaire. A very easy game to play. You have to build up your suits like in regular solitaire, but in this game you have to put the card together if they're one rank higher, or one rank lower than the cards on the pile. If you can't place a card that's one rank higher or lower on the card, then you need to draw a card from the pile.

Freecell. "Uses one pack of cards, dealt face up into 8 columns. Cards can be moved between columns, provided they alternate in colour and arranged in descending order, or single columns may be moved to vacant Freecells. There are 4 foundations (one per suit), which are built from Ace through to King. The aim, of course, is to clear the board by moving all the cards to the foundations."

Spider Solataire. Your classic game of Spider Solitaire.. There's three difficulties, in easy there's only one suit, in normal, there's two, and so on.

Easy Spider. Not ready for Spider Solitaire yet? Try this game instead.. It's easier as the name says, and there are not as many possibilities or moves in the game, so it makes it easier.

Same as all of Azabat's other CD's, you can get them for 30 pounds, or 50 dollars US.


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