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Azabat talking crosswords

title:Azabat talking crosswords
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genre:Trivia games
features:text, sound, visuals
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azabat talking crosswords are a series of collections of crosswords, 70 per cd that can be ordered from the Uk based company for 20 each.

Crosswords are a very popular and traditional passtime, often contained in news papers, in which a number of words of varying length are arranged in a grid horizontally and vertically. Some or all of The letters of these words are obscured, so the players objective is to fill in all the missing letters and thus guess individually what each word means, from a number of sometimes extremely cryptic clues, for instance "person who pumps Iron" might be a clue for the word weightlifter. Sinse the words are arranged in grid pattern, one crossing another, filling in letters in one word will fill in letters in the words it crosses, and so make it easier to guess subsequent words, however this also means that if a player makes a mistake on a clue, a player might find themselves with incompatible letters in later words, and need to go back and retrace their steps. Thus solving crosswords requires patience, logic, and a very good vocabulary.

As one of their primary goals is creating games playable by computer novices, Azabat's crosswords work in a similar fashion to the games in their second games volume, with everything in the interface intended to be as simple and easy as possible. There are thus far three volumes in the collection, each available for 20 uk Pounds or 30 dollars, and though the games are retail only, a demo cd is available free of charge from Azabat to let you try before you buy.

All the azabat games run directly from the cd with no installation needed, feature sound effects in the games and are self voicing with recorded speech. As one of the primary intentions of Azabat is to create games playable by computer novices, the games use only the function keys,number row, space bar and cursers to make things easier, with all in game keys explained in the documentation, which also contains detailed instructions on solving crosswords and the ability to get hints if your stuck.

The games also have bright, high contrast graphics, making them perfect to play for people with any level of site, indeed in the word games the magnification can be turned up as far as 64 times normal and all the letters and clues are on bright, well contrasting backgrounds.

Good luck to any cruciverbalists out there.


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