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genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Malinch Entertainment
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Azteca was a free interactive fiction game from Malinche Entertainment, a company who produced commercial text adventures full time from 2000 to 2014. The game was available as a free e promotion for signing up to Malinche's mailing list, though the game was originally free, as Malinche stopped supporting their interactive fiction titles in 2014, and vanished from the internet soon afterwards, there is for practical purposes no way in which it could be played.

When some new Aztec ruins are discovered, the scientific world is taken by storm, ---- however soon after exploration of these ruins begins, several scientists go missing. it's up to you, the bold Indiana Jones type of Archaeologist that you are, armed only with a knife, a flashlight, and your whits to explore the pyramid, rescue the scientists, and grab as much Aztec treasure as you can!

Despite their rather aggressive promotional style, the writing and atmosphere of this game was pretty good, ----- possibly owing to the fact that Malinche's chief writer was packed off to South America to studdy some real Aztec ruins before writing this game (let's hope they never want a game set inside a Volcano!).


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