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BG 2048

title:BG 2048
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:December 2014
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


BG 2048 is a unique tile sliding puzzle game. Where as in most tile games such as BG 15 puzzle or 15 numbers you start with a board full of numeric tiles and need to put them in order, the object in 2048 is to build tiles with larger and larger values by smooshing them together.

The game begins with two tiles randomly placed on the board with a value of 2. Each move in the game, all the tiles on the board move up down left or right, additionally, a new tile is added. When two tiles with the same value are next to each other, they can be merged together to form a tile with double the value, earning the player points in the process. The object of the game is to create a single tile with a value of 2048 by merging others together before the board becomes choked with too many tiles to move. This makes for a game of fiendish spacial logic and score counting.

As with all of spoonbill's titles, 2048 is entirely free to play. It uses the Microsoft Sapi speech system for output, and has high contrast graphics (plus the ability to reverse the colours), making it perfect for people with any level of sight. It also keeps track of your game statistics and allows you to play midi music files as background during the game.

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