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BG Aces to the top solitaire

title:BG Aces to the top solitaire
download page:link
genre:Card Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:October 2013
features:text, sound, visuals
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BG Aces to the top solitaire, also refered to as aces high solitaire, aces up solitaire, or (rather charmingly), losers solitaire, drivel, or idiot's delight, is a first for accessible solitaire games. A rather unique combination of Pyramid Solitaire and the more traditional BG Klondike Solitaire with a little of uno or Crazy eights on the side.

As in traditional solitare, the cards are dealt from the pack into four major columns known as the tableau, however unlike traditional solitaire, the columns start empty. Each turn four cards are dealt to the columns, and then the player is allowed to remove any cards that are of the same suit and lower value as a previous card, with the ability to remove multiple cards of the same suit if a higher one is placed below them. So for example, if a player couldn't remove a six of hearts, and then a king was dealt to the same column beneath it, a player could remove both the King and the six. If any columns become empty, a player can move cards from one column to the other, especially the ace. With the Ace counting as the highest of all card values above the king. The object is to end up with the entire pack removed from the columns and the four aces at the top of each.

Of course, whether you can actually get through the hole pack in order depends not just on strategy, but also on luck, therefore Ian has added a number of options to make the game somewhat more interesting, awarding points for the amount of cards you can clear so that you can work to beat your top score. All this makes for an addictive and logical game requiring extensive card counting, described by some as an incredibly tough solitaire variant despite it's derisive alternative names.

As usual with all spoonbill titles, BG Aces to the top solitaire uses Microsoft Sapi to voice the game so no screen reader is needed, and has high contrast graphics for visually impaired players as well as extensive documentation. Plus of course you can as usual play midi music during the game to give your brain a break.

Also similarly to all other Spoonbill Games, the game is completely free.


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