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BG Battleship

title:BG Battleship
download page:link
genre:Traditional games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:June 2012
features:text, sound, visuals
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Battleships is a simple, but surprisingly addictive spacial strategy and tactical game, first devised by British prisoners in the second world war. Played on a grid of squares (traditionally 9x9 though other sizes are sometimes used), each player has a number of ships of fixed length which are hidden from their opponent. The object of the game, is to shoot your guns at a given square and reveal the location of your opponents ships (sinking them in the process). First to sink all the other players ships is the winner. This formula has been popular for nearly eighty years, and playing with the BG version couldn't be easier. Simply move around the board with arrow keys and hit spacebar to shoot, and use the letter keys or function keys to discover status of your fleet and the enemy fleet.

One rather interesting special addition offered in Bg battleship is the helper function. This is intended to assist vi players in getting an overview of the board, and will suggest locations of various ships, ---- however even with this function it is still necessary to employ logic as it only suggests possible locations, it does not mean that any are likely.

Though there have been a few accessible games of battleship, this version by Ian humphries is likely the most customizable yet, to allow for as many variations of play as possible. Play a solo game, trying to sink the opposing fleet in as few shots as possible, or battle against the computer or another human in the traditional two player game. Have the computer place your ships, or place them manually, Choose whether ships are allowed to touch horizontally or vertically on the grid, Choose whether each player just gets one shot a turn, or gets a number of shots dependent upon how many ships they have left, also decide whether a successful hit on a ship gives an extra shot or not.

All game elements can be set to a player's liking as well. Choose to play on any square or rectangular grid size from 8x8 to 26x26, and choose how many of each ship a player has and how long those ships are.

In access terms, the game has all the usual great features you'd expect from spoonbill. Using sapi to be self voicing, you can set the output to verbose or brief. The game also has appropriately military sound effects and can play background music in midi format. In addition , the game also features a number of low vision access aides, such as the ability to play in a maximized window or have white characters on a black background to provide better contrast, thus making it ideal to play for people with any level of sight.

Happy sinking!


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