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BG Boxes

title:BG Boxes
download page:link
genre:Traditional games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:October 2018
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


BG Boxes is an adaptation of the game dots and boxes, a game developed by French mathematics professor Édouard Lucass in the 19th century, and also called la pipopipette. or pigs in a pen.

The game is played on a grid of squares, either three by three, five by five or nine by nine, and each player takes a turn filling in one side of each square box. The player who fills in the fourth side of the square and completes the box earns a point, plus they're allowed to fill in another line and carry on putting down lines until they fail to complete a box, with the ultimate aim to win the most points when the hole board is boxed up.

Of course, the strategy comes from the fact that each line you fill in in one box, is often the side of another. For example, if you were on square 1-2 and filled in the bottom line, that would also mean the top line of square 2-2 was filled in. Equally, because you can carry on filling in boxes when you complete a line, if square 3-2 had the bottom, right and left lines filled in and square 3-1 had only the top and right, you could fill in the top line of 3-2 earning one point, then go on to fill in the left line of 3-1 getting another point. Thus the game becomes one of players tentatively trying not to start chains of boxes which hand board control over to their opponent, making for a lot of strategy, bluff and sacrifice.

Despite being such a heavily graphical and positional game, the SPOONBILL version; as always, gives you a lot of tools for looking at the board. You can move the active square around with the arrow keys and be told your coordinates in the grid, as well as which lines of each potential box are filled in. You can also use the f keys to jump straight to a box with three lines or to THE START OF a chain IF your having trouble OVER VIEWING THE BOARD.

The game also has the high level of customisation you would expect from the spoonbill titles. You can play on different board sizes against the computer, choose who goes first (you in red or the computer in yellow), and choose the computer's skill level between low, medium or high.

Keys exist to quickly alter the speed of the Sapi voice, choose to play background midi music, and of course you can maximise the window if high contrast graphics would be of help, the game is also absolutely free to download and play.

Just don't play too long or the boxing might give you a headache.


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