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BG Hangman

title:BG Hangman
download page:link
genre:Word Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:July 2018
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


BG Hangman is spoonbill's take on the popular neck breaking word game. The rules are simple, guess the hidden word within nine tries or otherwise the picture of the hangman will be completed and you'll lose the game.

The BG version is actually a little trickier than several others since it gives you no clues at all, just the length of the word. Use the arrow keys to review the blank spaces and any letters you've guessed, or shift and arrows to hear the phonetic representations of those letters (a for alpha, r for Romeo etc), and when your ready to guess, hit shift and the letter your guessing. A clunk sound means another piece has been added to the gallows, whilst a twinkle means a letter has been added to the word.

To review what letters you've previously guessed, hit the z key, F3 will read through the letters you've guessed right so far whilst f4 will read through your wrong guesses, and f5 will review the state of the gallows and how close you are to losing.

As well as guessing a completely unknown word without a category, if you really want a challenge you can play in hard mode, a mode which is unique to the BG version of Hangman. Usually, if a word contains multiple copies of the same letter and you guess that letter, all instances of that letter are revealed. So, if the word you needed to guess was "suspicious" and your first guess was an s, you'd usually see "s*s******s", well not anymore. now, you'd need to guess s three times to reveal all the s's.in the word, and of course guess too many instances of a repeated letter, and the gallows gets built another step. With no information about the word but its length, you can see why BG Hangman is a bit more extreme than most other accessible Hangman games available. .

As always with the Spoonbill games, there are lots of ways the game can be customised to your liking, including large high contrast graphics for players with some usable vision which can also be reversed to a high contrast white on black version, , midi music to play in the background, and tracking of game statistics including number of wins and losses and best winning streak.

Happy hanging.


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