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BG Tablic solitare

title:BG Tablic solitare
download page:link
genre:Card Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:March, 2018
features:text, sound, visuals
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Tablic is a card game popular in Serbia and other parts of Eastern Europe, though comparatively unknown in the west which is a shame since its a very interesting game to play.

Where some solitaire games involve complex spacial logic and advanced rules, Tablic is a comparatively easy game to learn, though a hard one to play well, and likely even harder when played against human opponents rather than the whims of chance.

The rules are simple. At the start of the game four cards are dealt to the player's hand, and four cards are placed on the table to form the Talon, a group of cards which can hold at most eight. The object is simple, as in games like Cribbage, a player needs to play a card from their hand to capture sets of cards from the Talon. For example, if the player played a 10 from their hand and the Talon held a three, a seven, an eight and a two, the player could first capture the three and the seven, then the eight and the two, after which all cards would be removed from play and the player would earn points accordingly.

Of course, players might find that they can't capture anything with a card from their hand, or that a given card might be more useful in the Talon, so you can play cards directly to the Talon (especially handy with lower cards). The only catch with all of this, is that the player can only draw four new cards when their hand is empty, either played to the talon or used to capture cards, and the talon can only hold a maximum of eight cards. If the talon is full and the player can't capture anything, the game is lost.

Suits count nothing in the game (though a couple of spare points can be earned for capturing the ten of diamonds or two of clubs), though bare in mind picture cards have different values, with the king equalling fourteen, the queen thirteen, jacks twelve, and aces one in the talon, but eleven points in the hand. So, if you had a king in your hand, and there was a queen and an ace on the talon, that would be a legitimate capture, thirteen for the queen and one for the ace, though if you had an ace in your hand you'd be looking for cards in the talon to equal eleven.

The game is won if you can get through the hole 52 cards without getting stuck, and points are scored for the number of cards captured, especially if the same card is used to capture multiple sets or if the talon is completely emptied, this is called a tabla.

As always, the spoonbill rendition of the game is extremely straight forward. High contrast graphics are provided for those who might need them, and the game contains several sound effects (including a truly horrible whine when you lose).

The game's keyboard shortcuts are simple, just move left and right through either the talon, your hand or the captured cards pile with the arrows, use enter to send a card from your hand to the talon or complete your set of capturing from the captured cards pile, and hit up arrow on a card in your hand to select it to begin capturing. Use T, H or C to travel to the various parts of the game board, or just hit z to cycle between them, and use the function keys to adjust various aspects of game behaviour including the hand sorting options, playing of background midi music or saving and loading of games.

As always with the BG games, the game is self voicing with microsoft Sapi, and is absolutely %100 free.

Vastly different to most Solitaire games, though its likely a new game to get used to for most players Tablic solitaire is that rare thing, a game that requires you to evaluate each situation and play accordingly, and is surprisingly addictive.

Happy Tablicking


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