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BG Tri-peaks Solitaire

title:BG Tri-peaks Solitaire
download page:link
genre:Card Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:October 2013
features:text, sound, visuals
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BG Tri-peaks Solitaire, much like some of Spoonbill's previous Solitaire games is a game that lets Blind gamers have access to one of the graphical Solitaire games available on Windows 8 and up in the Microsoft solitaire collection (several others in that collection such as Spider Solitare and Clondike solitare are also available in the BG series).

In Tri-peaks Solitaire, 28 cards are arranged to form the 3 pyramids that give the game it's name, with ten cards at the bottom, 9 cards on the second row, 6 on the third and three on the top. The object is to try and clear those 28 cards by moving them to the waste pile. Clearing some of one row gives access to the cards above. A card can be placed on the waste pile if it is one higher or lower than the previous card on the pile, thus a two can be placed on a three. It's also possible to turn corners, IE. go both up and down in sequence, by placing a five on a six, then placing a six on a five.

If no move is possible, a player can draw a card from the discard pile, I.e., the 24 cards not used to make the pyramid. If no legal move is possible a player can reshuffle the discard pile again, however only a limited number of reshuffles are possible. If the player clears the board, they go on to a new board, earning an extra reshuffle of the discard pile as a reward, with the goal to clear as many boards and survive as long as possible.

Unlike many Solitaire games. Bri-peaks also features a scoring system. For each successive card in a sequence a player clears before having to resort to the discard pile, a player earns progressively more points, while knocking off the three peak cards at the top of the pyramid will net the player extra points, even if they haven't cleared the hole board, and since the Spoonbill version of the game (just like it's windows original), keeps track of score, it offers a perfect chance to challenge yourself.

All the usual techniques used to quickly move cards easily are present in Tri-peaks, as well as larger graphics and higher contrast for low vision players, and playing of midi music for some light background. The game also uses Microsoft Sapi for speech output so no screen reader is needed to play. It is also (like the rest of Ian Hurmphies games, completely free.

Happy mountaineering.


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